Bing Search Engine Stats – Some Interesting Facts & Figures

In this article, we’re going to look at Bing search engine stats. Google is the 700 pound gorilla of search engines. And so it’s easy to forget that there are other search engines.

Bing Search Engine Stats – Some Interesting Facts & Figures

In fact, there are nine other global search engines:

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Baidu
  • So
  • Yandex
  • Naver
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Ask
  • AOL

Although it’s the No.2 ranked search engine in the world, the gap between Bing and Google is enormous.

But if you think Bing is not worth bothering with, here are some interesting stats that will make you think twice.

Bing – The Company

  • Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft, with headquarters in Redmond, WA, USA.
  • It was launched in June 2009. The following month Bing combined with Yahoo in an arrangement where Bing powers Yahoo Search. By 2018, Bing was the third largest search engine in the world, with a query volume of 4.58% (compared to Google’s 77% and Baidu’s 14.5%).
  • One of the suggested names for Bing was Bang.
  • Bing has a global rank of 35.
bing alexa rank

Bing launched a rewards program in 2010 where it offers its users rewards for searching. The campaign was successful, resulting in a 3% increase in US users in less than 2 years.

Bing has an estimated 10,000 employees

Bing’s Global Reach

Bing’s global reach is very limited, since 85% of people who use Bing are in the US.

Nevertheless, Bing is available in 40 languages.

Bing’s Market Share

It’s little surprise that Google not only leads, but dominates the search engine market. In December 2018, Google had a massive 91.43% of search volume market share:

bing facts and figures

Bing’s position has improved slightly since then. In January 2020, Bing accounted for 5.53 percent of the global search market, while Google had a market share of 87.35 percent.

However, in April 2020 NetMarketShare put Bing’s market share at 12.34%, more than double Statista’s estimate.

Change the focus from global to USA and from all devices to desktop, and Bing’s position improves. Bing controls 36% of the US desktop search market.

Bing – Devices & Platforms

bing facts and figures

Bing Demographics

bing facts and figures

Searches on Bing

bing facts and figures

Paid Ads on Bing

bing facts and figures
bing facts and figures
bing facts and figures

For anyone wanting a higher return on their paid ads, these Bing search engine stats are worth remembering.


Here are the main takeaways from these Bing search engine Stats:

  • Bing is a minnow compared to Google
  • Its user-base is overwhelmingly in the US
  • Its demographic is older than Google’s, better educated, and more affluent
  • The average Bing user spends 35% more online than the average Google user
  • Bing has a 50% higher ad click through rate (CTR) than Google 
  • Its cost per click (CPC) is 33% lower than Google’s
  • Shopping ads on Bing have a 45% higher CTR than on Google
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