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Quizzes For Lead Generation – The Complete Guide (Updated for 2021)

If you haven't considered quizzes for lead generation, you should do. They're a powerful lead magnet. And with an average conversion rate of 50%, a quiz will be a valuable addition to your sales funnel.

Most people agree that 20% - 25% is a good conversion rate for a lead magnet. And I know a lot of people who'd be happy with 10% - 15%. 

The conversion rates for quizzes are truly amazing!

In this article, I'll show you step-by-step how to design a high converting quiz for lead generation.

But before I get to that, let me explain:

  • why quizzes work so well for lead generation
  • the 5 main types of online quizzes
  • the principles behind online quiz design


Let's dive in.

how to make a quiz for lead generation

1. Why do quizzes work so well for lead generation?

- Engage with your visitors

Let’s face it - when someone’s on your website, it’s basically a one-way street: there’s very little interaction.

And that’s the challenge for every website owner - how to get your visitors out of “passive browser” mode and get them to interact with your content.

This is where quizzes outshine all other lead magnets.

Quizzes make people actively think and respond to questions. When a visitor is taking a quiz, they are actively engaged with your website. And that makes it much more likely they’ll fill in forms, click on buttons, leave comments, etc.

quizzes for lead generation

Image source:

- Offer people a personalized result

Like it or not, we’re all interested in one person more than any other: ourselves. Our whole lives are a journey to understand what makes us tick. We never tire of getting new insights into who we are. And that, in nutshell, is why quizzes have a universal appeal.

Another reason quizzes work well for lead generation is that they say to the visitor: ‘Hey, I want to know about you!’. It's a way of saying ‘your voice matters to me - I’m listening’.

So quizzes are a great way to build rapport with your audience and establish a relationship with your visitors.

Quizzes also allow you to overcome ‘one size fits all’ messaging. By presenting different solutions to your visitors, based on the answers they give to a series of questions, quizzes allow you to customize your offers to the needs of each individual visitor. And that will help you get much higher conversion rates.

- ‘Prime’ your visitors to take action

Quizzes psychologically ‘prime’ your visitors to complete your lead generation form.

Psychologists have identified a law of micro-commitments that goes like this: we are much more likely to complete a task that is potentially challenging (e.g. making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter) if we first undertake a much smaller task that is not challenging.

In other words, if someone has already completed a quiz on your website, they are much more likely to take an additional step and fill out and submit an opt-in form.

quizzes for lead generation

Image source:

- High conversion rate

Amongst lead magnets, quizzes for lead generation have a relatively high conversion rate. Neil Patel saw a 500% increase in leads when he started using quizzes.

According to a CMI survey, 81% of respondents agreed that interactive content grabs attention more effectively than static content

LeadQuizzes reports that the average quiz has a 33.6% lead capture rate.

And Ad Espresso reports that adding quizzes can average up to 55% opt-in rates. That’s 25X better than the industry standard for online lead forms like pop ups, which have an average 1.95% opt-in rate.

- Highly shareable

Because quizzes give personal feedback, they tend to get shared like crazy on social media. BuzzSumo reports that the average quiz is shared 1900 times. 

Here are some examples of quizzes that went viral:

  • What Career Should You Have?
  • If You Can’t Pass This Quiz, You Shouldn’t Have Graduated From High School
  • What Kind of Adult Are You?
  • What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?
  • Who Is Your Ideal Partner?
quizzes for lead generation

Image source:

- Get insights into your audience

We’re always being told by online marketers that we need to know who our audience is: what their pain points are, what age and gender they are, and where they are in the buyer journey.

And sure - you can get that information by sending a survey to your email list. But don’t hold your breath - you’ll be lucky if you get a response rate of 3%.

But what if your survey is disguised as a quiz?

Because that’s what a quiz is - a kind of survey. Except that’s that it's fun to complete - unlike a survey,  there’s an answer at the end of it and that why your visitor completes the quiz.

2. Types of Quizzes

There are 5 main types of quizzes for lead generation:

  • Personality Quiz
  • Do You Have What It Takes To Be An X? Quiz
  • What’s The Best Fit For You Quiz
  • Assessment Quiz
  • Problem Diagnosis Quiz

- Personality Quiz

These are by far the most popular type of quiz. According to popular quiz platform, Playbuzz, 77% of quizzes that have been shared 100,000 times or more are personality quizzes.

This should come as no surprise as we’re all engaged in the never-ending task of understanding who we are.

Not only that: we already have theories about who we are. Personality quizzes exploit an almost universal psychological tendency: confirmation bias. Most personality quizzes confirm notions we already have about who we are. So confirmation bias is a major reason for the popularity of the personality quiz.

Personality quizzes turn the typical passive browser into an active participant, trying to confirm their ideas about who they are.

Not only that, but personality quizzes lead to comparisons: how do I stack up my friends and family? And that’s what makes personality quizzes highly shareable.

The two most common types of personality quiz are:

  • What’s your (blank) style?
  • What kind of (blank) are you?

Here are some examples:

What’s your (blank) style?

  • What’s your spending style?
  • What is your leadership style?
  • What’s your shoe style?
  • What's your hat style?
  • What is your makeup style?
  • What’s your blogging style?
  • What’s your productivity personality?
  • What’s your coffee personality?
  • If your email copy was a movie character, who would it be?

What kind of (blank) are you?

  • Which celebrity are you?
  • What type of traveler are you?
  • What SEO animal are you?
  • What kind of saver are you?
  • What kind of blogger are you?
  • What kind of party animal are you?
  • What kind of blogger are you?
  • What type of business or career woman are you?
  • What type of habit builder are you?
  • What kind of copywriter are you?
  • What type of dog personality are you?
  • Which Instagram hashtag are you?
  • What type of digital marketer are you?
quizzes for lead generation

Image source:

- ‘Do You Have What It Takes To Be An X?’ Quiz

This kind of a lead generation quiz is a challenge to your visitor. It works because deep down we all wonder whether we’re made of the “right stuff”. 

Here are some examples of this quiz type:

  • Do you have what it takes to give up your salary & start a freelance business?
  • Do you have what it takes to make a happy marriage?
  • Do you have what it takes to succeed at dating?
  • Do you have an entrepreneurial mindset?
  • Do you have what it takes to start an online business?
  • Do you have what it takes to become a life coach?
  • Do you have what it takes to be a leader?
  • Do you have what it takes to be an astronaut?
  • Do you have what it takes to be an actor?
  • Do you have what it takes to be a high school teacher?
  • Do you have what it takes to be your own boss?

- ‘What’s The Best Fit For You’ Quiz?

This type of quiz is closely related to the personality quiz. It’s based on the idea that for any given item (hat, lover, weekend getaway, etc) there’s a type that best fits your personality.

Examples of this type of quiz are:

  • What career is best for you?
  • Which vacation destination is right for you?
  • What type of quiz should you create for your online biz?
  • What country should you live in?
  • What’s the best pet for you?
  • What type of college is the best fit for you?
  • What size employer fits you best?
  • Where should I travel next?
  • Which Juicer is right for you?

- Assessment Quiz

Assessment quizzes for lead generation can be used in almost any industry / niche you can think of. 

Whatever the focus of your website, you can create an assessment quiz on that very topic.

Here are some examples:

  • Is your idea profitable?
  • Are you ready to quit your 9-5 routine?
  • What’s your beauty sleep score?
  • Are you prepared for a home fire?
  • What is your metabolism type?
  • How confident you are should an accident happen?
  • Are you ready to sell your home
  • Are you ready to have children?
  • Do you have enough superannuation to retire?
  • Are you a safe driver?
  • What’s your skin type?
  • Which grade should I teach?
  • Are you at risk for diabetes?
  • Which type of exercise is best for me?

Of the five quiz types, assessment quizzes are the ones that best lend themselves to scoring. So if you want to create a quiz with a score, you should be looking at an assessment quiz.

I’ll be talking more about how to score your quiz later in the article.

- Problem Diagnosis Quiz

When people find your content in Google Search, it’s usually because they have a problem they’re trying to fix.

And that’s why diagnosis quizzes work so well.

Here are some examples:

  • What’s up with my digestion?
  • What body shape are you?
  • Could you be suffering from adrenal fatigue?
  • Do I have thyroid problems?
  • Why is my website not making any money?
  • Why does my website have so little traffic?
  • Why is my Internet so slow?
  • Why is my water bill so high?
  • Why can’t I get more sales on Amazon?
  • Why can’t I get more comments on my blog posts?
  • Why can't I get more shares for my articles?
  • What should I buy my mom for Christmas?

3. How To Design A Quiz For Lead Generation

It’s important to understand that quizzes for lead generation comprise two key elements:

  • questions
  • results

The results are what your visitor is looking forward to - that’s why they are taking the quiz.

A common mistake with online quizzes is to ask well thought out questions and then deliver flimsy results. Naturally this does not create a good impression with your quiz-taker. 

So make sure you put as much thought and care into creating the results as you do into formulating the questions.

- Know your audience

The first thing is to know who your audience is, what topics they are interested in, what problems they have, and why they found your page.

Your quiz needs to match up with the topic of your page. 

If your page is about ‘choosing an Internet provider’, then a quiz titled: ‘Why is my Internet so slow?’ is going to be a winner.

If your web page is an article that reviews commenting plugins for WordPress, then  a quiz titled ‘Why Can’t I get more comments on my blog posts?’ will get a lot of engagement.

And if your page is about starting a business, a quiz titled ‘Is my idea profitable’ will get a lot of clicks.

So always make sure that your quiz ties back to the topic of your web page or website.

- What questions to ask

With quizzes for lead generation, it’s important to understand that you’re not trying to sell anything: you’re just trying to add someone to your list.

Ask questions that will reveal the pain points of your visitors. Try thinking of your quiz as a survey disguised as a quiz. This is your chance to find out what kinds of issues your audience are struggling with.

If you already have a good idea of what kind of problems your visitors struggle with, you may already have segmented your list into various categories. In that case, you can use your quiz questions to sort your visitors into those segments.

For example, if you run a photography site, use your questions to sort your visitors into these categories:

  • Looking for an entry level camera
  • Looking for a beginner photography class
  • Looking for an advanced photography class
  • Looking for tips for landscape photography
  • Looking for tips for portrait photography

Or, if you run a site that offers tips for bloggers, you could ask questions that will sort your visitors into these different buckets:

  • Looking a domain name
  • Looking for a web host
  • Want to learn how to use WordPress
  • Need tips on how to write online articles
  • Want to know how to get traffic to my site

To sum up, ask questions that:

  • Are relevant to your visitors
  • Target your visitors problems or pain points
  • Will sort your visitors into useful segments

- Give results that help your visitor

Your quiz needs to give a result based on the answers given by the quiz taker.

If your quiz is a ‘what type of x are you’ then you might have 5 different types and the result would be one of those types.

But don’t just leave it at that. To be helpful, your quiz result needs to give your visitor some information related to the result and show them what their next steps should be.

With a scored quiz, you would divide the possible scores into score ranges (e.g. 0-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, 81-100), and then make each range a ‘type’ that receives a given result.

If you've taken a few online quizzes, you've probably noticed that the results are often a bit of a letdown. 

Try to make the results of your quiz genuinely helpful to your quiz-taker. Give at least half a page of relevant information and/or give some tips that are relevant to the answers the person gave in the quiz.

In summary, your quiz should do two things, one for you and one for your quiz-taker:

  • segment your visitors into categories
  • help your quiz-taker understand their problem and solve it

4. Eleven Tips for Creating a Killer Quiz

Here are eleven proven ways to get more engagement with your quizzes for lead generation.

#1. Choose your quiz type

Decide what type of quiz is best for your website / web page:

  • Personality quiz
  • Do you have what it takes quiz
  • Best fit for your quiz
  • Assessment quiz
  • Problem solving quiz

#2. Consider using a personality type quiz

Given the overwhelming popularity of personality quizzes, consider using a personality quiz. This type of quiz can be used in virtually any niche / industry:

  • What kind of spender are you (finance site)
  • What kind of blogger are you (blogging tips site)
  • What’s your fashion style (lifestyle site)
  • What kind of social animal are you (social media site)
  • If your gym workout was a movie character, who would it be? (fitness site)

#3. Create a compelling quiz title

The title of your quiz should be short and descriptive:

  • Ask a question (e.g. ‘Why is your Internet so slow?’)
  • Use a question that sums up what your website or web page is about
  • Keep your quiz title short and descriptive (e.g. ‘What’s your skin type?’)
  • In your quiz title, use the word ‘You’ or ‘Your’
  • Add a sub-title that makes it clear the quiz is short (e.g. ‘take this 3 minute quiz’).

#4. Ask questions that are relevant

  • Ask questions that go to the likely issues your quiz taker is struggling with
  • The more relevant your questions are, the more likely the user will answer the questions.

#5. Observe the ‘The Three Minute Rule’

Keep your quiz short and sweet.

If your quiz takes more than 3 minutes to complete, people will abandon the quiz before completing it. 

#6. Spend equal time on questions and results

Quiz creators tend to spend all their energy and time creating killer questions but give minimal results

#7. Use images as well as text

  • Add an image to the quiz cover page
  • Add an image to each question
  • Add an image to each result
  • Where possible / appropriate use images of people making eye contact with your visitor

#8. Make your lead forms short 

  • The less information you ask for in the opt-in form, the higher your rate of conversion (CTR) will be.
  • Unless you have a very good reason, limit the form to one field (email address)

#9. Use a powerful CTR on your lead form button

For example:

  • ‘Get your quiz results now’
  • ‘Discover Your ____ Type’

#10. Provide value

Make sure the quiz result gives value to the quiz taker. Indicate what their next steps should be or give them some insights into the issue they are dealing with.

#11. Use your quiz to segment your visitors

With some quiz-making software (e.g Try Interact), you can add the quiz taker to a segment of your list based on the result they get in the quiz.

See For Yourself How an Online Quiz Works

Take this quick 3 minute quiz from Try Interact:

5. Quizzes and Lead Generation

When using a quiz for lead generation, you need to place a lead generation form or opt-in form between the answers and the results, as shown in this diagram:

quizzes for lead generation

The results of the quiz are displayed once the user has submitted their email address.

If you want to be really thorough (and protect against people using a fake email address) you could send the user the result in an automated email.

Most quiz making platforms integrate with major email marketing providers, such as Mail Chimp, MailerLite, ConvertKit, etc.

Quiz softwares will usually ask you to connect the quiz to a mailing list, (just as you would when using a popup maker like OptinMonster).

6. Quizzes for Lead Generation and  Segmentation

As you’ll see in the tutorial below, you can choose to add your quiz taker (based on the answers they give in the quiz) to segments that you have set up in your list.

Quizzes are a very good way of surveying your audience and finding out what their pain points are, what issues they are struggling with, and what stage they are at in the buyer journey.

So don’t waste it - use the information in the answers to segment your audience. Then you can send them information that is relevant to them.

Most premium quiz makers will allow you to assign a quiz taker to a segment based either on the answer to individual questions or to the quiz takers overall result (or both).

That means that, based on the results of their quiz, you could automatically add a quiz taker to an email sequence (for example). Or you could send them a welcome email that is customized to their needs.

This kind of segmentation is the key to high conversion rates and it’s one of the reasons quizzes are such a powerful marketing tool.

7. Tools For Creating Quizzes for Lead Generation

Here the top 5 online quiz-maker platforms:

Interact Quiz Builder is software for using quizzes to generate leads and drive sales.

Interact offers 100+ quiz questiontemplates in a range of industries from blogging to automotive to finance to parenting. Interact’s quizzes are designed to grow your email list, drive sales, and increase your social media presence.

This is the quiz creator software I use for my opt-in forms; it's easy to use and I recommend it.

I love the user interface - it makes the software very easy to use. In fact, everything about Interact Quiz Builder, from designing your quiz to embedding it on your website, is a breeze.

LeadQuizzes was launched in 2016 and offers businesses a simple and effective way to capture leads and grow their businesses. LeadQuizzes allows you to quickly and easily create high converting quizzes focused on generating more leads and sales

Thrive Quiz Builder is a fairly recent addition to the field of quizzes for lead generation. It's a WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to create complex quizzes with branching logic. It allows you to visualize what your quiz looks like and how it flows while you’re building it (in the quiz builder window).

Fyrebox Quiz Builder allows you to create a quiz to generate leads, to educate or simply to engage your audience. Use your quiz for education, business and marketing, or market research.

Opinion Stage’s Quiz Maker is a quiz tool that offers fast-loading interactive quizzes, optimized for all platforms. Types of quizzes available include: personality quizzes, trivia quizzes, assessments, surveys, false/true quizzes, yes/no quizzes, scored quizzes, multiple choice quiz, and knowledge tests.

Opinion Stage offers a wide variety of quiz templates in different layouts (e.g. standard layout quiz, thumbnail quiz, image quiz, video quiz). You can create a fully functional quiz based on a template in just minutes. Depending on topic domain, this quiz software gets participation rates as high as 90%+ and completion rates as high as 80%+.

Tutorial: Create Your First  Quiz With Interact Quiz Builder

interact quiz builder

Interact Quiz Builder allows to build three different types of quiz:

  • Personality Quiz
  • Scored Quiz
  • Assessment Quiz

In this section, I'm going to show you, step-by-step, how to create a scored quiz.

1. Create an Interact Quiz Account

To start off, go to the Interact Quiz Builder and click on the 'Make Your Own Quiz For Free' button:

make a scored quiz in Try Interact

On the next screen, create your free account:

Interact Quiz Builder

Once you've created an account and verified your email, you need to log into your Interact account using your login email and password.

On the first screen you come to, choose 'Generate Leads':

Try Interact quiz builder

2. Choose the Type of Quiz

In the top right corner of the next screen, hover your cursor over the dropdown menu and choose 'Scored Quiz':

create a scored quiz

3. Customize the Quiz Cover Page

On the next screen, choose the template you want and then click the option 'Use Template':

how to make a quiz

Next, you need to customize the quiz cover page. 

Add your own content to the following four fields:

  1. Quiz Title
  2. Cover Image
  3. Quiz Description
  4. Call To Action
create a quiz

Here is my customized quiz cover page:

quiz cover page

Here's my Interact quiz in action: SEO Quiz

Once you have finished the cover page, click on 'Questions' in the left side menu:

4. Add the Quiz Questions

add questions to your quiz

Take the existing questions in the template quiz and customize them with your own questions. If you need to add more questions, use the button that says 'Add New Question':

adding questions to your quiz

5. Set the Answer Scores

When you've finished adding questions, click the button that says 'Set Answer Scores'

set the scores for your questions

A window will open where you can set the score for that particular question:

set the scores for your questions

You may have to adjust your scoring to the number of questions in your quiz.

For example, if your scoring is out of 100 and you have 21 questions, you could give 15 of your questions a score of 5 each, 5 questions a score of 4 each, and one question a score of 1 (or some other combination). 

6. Set the Quiz Results

Once you have set the scores, click on the 'results' button in the left side menu:

add results to your quiz

In the 'Results' part of Interact Quiz, you're going to divide your total score (in this case 100) into a number of score ranges. Each range will have its own result.

In my case, I have 5 score ranges:

  • 0 to 20
  • 21 to 40
  • 41 to 60
  • 61 to 80
  • 81 to 100
set yh score ranges for your quiz

Each score range corresponds to a 'result'. When the quiz taker scores within that range, they will see a message and an image designed to go with that score range.

In my quiz, this is the 'result' for someone who scores in the lowest range:

interact quiz maker - score result

And this is the result that someone would see if they scored in the top score range:

Interact result for top score range

7. Set Up the Lead Generation

Once you have the results in place, you then need to set up the 'lead generation' part of your quiz.

The lead generation part of your quiz can be turned on by toggling the switch in the left side menu:

toggle on lead generation in Interact Quiz Maker

However, you won't be able to use this feature of Interact Quiz Maker until you have signed up for one of the three paid plans:

Interact Quiz maker paid plans

All three plans have a 14 day free trial. 

If you haven't used quizzes for lead generation before, I would go for the 'Lite' plan initially. Once it has 'proved' itself as an effective lead generation tool, then you could look at switching to one of the higher level plans. 

lead generation in your Interact quiz

In the lead generation part of Interact, there three things you need to do:

  • set up your opt-in form
  • Choose your email marketing service (EMS)
  • Map the quiz data to your email list (optional)

- Set Up Your Opt-In Form

In the first step, you'll see a screen like this:

setting up the opt-in form in Interact Quiz Maker

Opt-in rates are higher when you only require an email address, so I've selected only that option. But if you ant to personalize your emails, then. you would need to check the box for 'First name'.

In the second part of the form, you can choose to display a privacy policy.

The third part of the screen relates to the opt-in form itself. If your quiz taker wants to see their result, they will have to enter their email address in this opt-in form. This is how your quiz generates leads.

You can change the heading, the sub-heading, and the size and color of the opt-in button.

- Choose Your Email Marketing Service

The next step is to connect your Interact Quiz account with your email marketing service. Interact integrates with most of the major email marketing services:

Interact Quiz Maker integrates with most of the major email marketing services

- Map The Quiz Results To Your Email List

In the third step in the lead generation section you can use the results from your Interact quiz to segment your list:

use your Interact quiz to segment your audience

This is a very powerful part of the Interact Quiz Maker. Based on the results that people give in your quiz, you can assign them to different groups within your list.

For example, let's say you run a yoga website. Based on the answers people give in the quiz, you could assign your quiz takers to a 'complete beginners' group, an 'intermediate' group, or an 'advanced' group. 

A major cause of unsubscribes is people receiving information that is not relevant to them. But with segmentation, you can ensure that your subscriber sonly ever receive information that is appropriate for their level or their interest.


If your lead generation is stuck in the doldrums, try offering a quiz.

Quizzes are a powerful lead magnet and not many websites are using them.

The reason they’re so effective in generating leads is that they’re fun, they’re interactive, and they give personalized results.

So don’t waste any time – get your quiz up and running today!

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