The 15 Copywriting Blogs You Should Be Reading

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This article lists the top 15 copywriting blogs. It’s the third in a series of articles showcasing the top blogs in a particular field or niche.

The blogs are ordered by Alexa Rank, which is a measure of website popularity.

So what exactly is copywriting? Here’s one definition:

Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. 


Here’s another, more succinct, definition:

Copywriting is rearranging words to make things sell better. It is a text form of salesmanship.


And here’s one more definition:

what is copywriting

So why do you need good copywriting as part of your online buisness?

Let’s say you’re a course creator. You might have the best online course in your niche, but without good copy, you’ll struggle to make sales. A good copywriter can take an underperforming sales page and turn it into a cash machine.

In short, good copywriting is magic with words.

Without further ado, here are the top copywriting blogs.

#1. Contently

Founded in 2011 by Joe Coleman, Dave Goldberg, and Shane Snow, Contently’s mission is to build a better media world by helping brands connect with people through great stories, and by helping freelance creatives grow their careers.

Contently has won numerous awards, including Digiday’s ‘Best Content Marketing Platform’

Recent blog posts:


Alexa Rank: 13,404

#2. Copyblogger

Founded by Brian Clark in 2006, Copyblogger has been teaching people how to create persuasive online content for over a decade.

In addition to the blog, Copyblogger offers focused, strategic content marketing courses taught by industry pioneers, such as Brian Clark and Sonia Simone. This is definitely one of the top copywriting blogs.

Recent blog posts:


Alexa Rank: 13,872

#3. Kopy Writing Kourse

Neville Medhora is the driving force behind Kopy Writing Kourse.

Half copywriting agency, half copywriting training, KWK trains entrepreneurs, content writers, and sales teams to become top-notch copywriters so they increase conversion rates across all the materials they produce.

Kopy Writing Kourse’s mission is to reduce the amount of time wasted by bad communication, create advertising focused on educating, rather than hot air, and to find ways to install knowledge in brains faster.

Recent blog posts:

kopy writing kourse

Alexa Rank: 16,064

#4. American Writers and Artists Institute

Founded in 1997, American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) is a leading provider of copywriting training programs.

Known within the industry as a go-to resource for Marketers, Creative Directors, Business Owners, AWAI connects online businesses with copywriters who can help you build your opt-in mailing list, get your targets to open your emails, drive organic traffic to your website, convert your website visitors to buyers, and increase the response rates on your promotions.  

In 2011, AWAI launched The Professional Writers’ Alliance (PWA) – the first-ever professional organization dedicated to helping writers in the direct-response industry improve their skills, network with writers and marketers, and find exciting projects.

Recent blog posts:

american writers and artists institute

Alexa Rank: 22,350

#5. Bob Bly

Robert Bly is an American writer on the subjects of copywriting, and freelance writing, science, science fiction, satire, and small business. 

He has a degree in chemical engineering and has worked as a freelance copywriter for the AARP, IBM, and Lucent Technologies, among others.

Bob Bly has written more than 95 books including Selling Your Services (1991), Public Relations for Dummies (2000), Complete Idiot’s Guide To Direct Marketing (2001), Write More, Sell More (1998), and 101 Ways To Make Every Second Count (1999).

Most recent blog posts:

bob bly copywriter

Alexa Rank: 33,817

#6. Copy Hackers

Another of the top copywriting blogs is Copy Hackers. It was founded by well-known online writer, Joanna Wiebe in 2011 and offers valuable free content as well as paid courses on freelance writing, growth marketing, and copywriting.

Recent blog posts:

copy hackers

Alexa Rank: 38,009

#7. Make a Living Writing

Founded in 2008 by Carol Tice, Make a Living Writing offers over 1,200+ free articles about how to break in, move up, and earn a full-time living from freelance writing.

Make a Living Writing helps writers: find first clients, locate paying markets, get better writing jobs, use social media to get noticed, earn through blogging and content writing, convince flaky clients to pay up, increase your writing productivity, and discover the secrets to self-publishing income.

The blog has been named one of The Write Life’s Top 100 Websites for Writers.

Recent blog posts:

make a living writing

Alexa Rank: 68,104

#8. Ben Settle

Over the past 15 years Ben Settle has written ads, created email campaigns, and cooked up marketing strategies for clients that have collectively earned tens of millions of dollars in sales in hyper competitive, “cut throat” markets such as: golf, weight loss, business opportunity, self defense, home business, dating, and Internet marketing

Ben publishes a monthly premium newsletter ($97.00 per month) that is read by hundreds of people in over 30 countries, including A-list copywriters, publishers at prestigious direct marketing companies, and leading auto-responder & email trainers.

Recent blog posts:

ben settle

Alexa Rank: 142,990

#9. Success Works

Founded by Heather Lloyd-Martin, Success Works is all about SEO copywriting. Referred to by Forbes as “the pioneer of SEO copywriting”, Heather has helped thousands of in-house and freelance writers create top-positioned content that converts like crazy. 

Heather has worked with top companies all around the world – from search engines and television networks, to Fortune 500 companies and major publishers. She’s also presented at hundreds of conferences, including SMX, PubCon, SearchFest, AWAI’s Web Writing Intensive, Search Engine Strategies, MarketingProfs and more.

In 2010, Heather Lloyd-Martin developed the first SEO Copywriting Certification program – it’s the only industry-endorsed training program that teaches in-house and freelance writers SEO copywriting best practices. 

Recent blog posts:

success works

Alexa Rank: 175,080

#10. ABC Copywriting

Founded in 2005 by Tom Albrighton, ABC Copywriting helps you find the right words, how to reach your reader, how to turn drawbacks into plusses, and make your readers wonder why instead of wandering away.

Tom has over 15 years’ experience of working with words, gained in publishing houses, design studios and as founder/director of ABC Copywriting. His skills include writing, planning and structuring, editing and rewriting, improving or altering tone of voice, developing creative concepts, interviewing and working with non-native English speakers.

Recent blog posts:

abc copywriting

Alexa Rank: 284,410

#11. Business Casual Copywriting

Launched in 2013 by Joel Klettke, Business Casual Copywriting helps you figure out what content you need to reach, nurture and convert your audience. Joel is a conversion-focused copywriter and strategist who’s worked with clients like HubSpot, WP Engine, Safelite and Ion Interactive.

Recent blog posts:

business casual copywriting

Alexa Rank: 383,182

#12. Harrison Amy

Amy Harrison is a copywriter based in Brighton in the UK. Originally trained as a screenwriter, she took those skills into business storytelling and marketing. Amy has been offering copywriting, consultancy and training at Harrison Amy since 2008.

She teaches copywriting and storytelling through her Write With Influence program. She also reviews, audits and helps you rewrite your content with copywriting coaching and consulting.

Amy has worked with a variety of businesses from one person start-ups to companies with 100+ offices around the world. She’s written for authors and speakers as well as a variety of industries including Sales and Marketing, CRM / ERP providers, HR software provider, nutrition and fitness businesses, language teaching organisations, exhibition companies, supermarkets, insurance providers, and management consultants.

Recent blog posts:

Harrison Amy

Alexa Rank: 534,017

#13. John Carlton

John Carlton refers to himself as “the most ripped-off writer on the Web”. Others in the industry call him “the most respected writing teacher alive”.

Copywriters who look to John Carlton for advice include Rich Schefren (of Strategic Profits fame), Eben Pagan (the creator of “Altitude”), Frank Kern (“Mass Control” wizard), and Mike Filsaime (fabled creator of “Butterfly Marketing”).

Many leading Internet marketers freely admit to using John’s ads as templates for their own breakthrough pitches.

John has worked closely with direct response giants Jay Abraham and Gary Halbert. Before the virus outbreak, he was lecturing at seminars in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Sydney, Melbourne, and Dubai.

Recent blog posts:

John Carlton

Alexa Rank: 555,679

#14. The CopyWriter’s Crucible

Matt Ambrose, a Direct Response Copywriter, is the brains behind The Copywriter’s Crucible. Since leaving the corporate world, he has spent 14 years writing copy and developing marketing strategies for 100+ companies. 

He’s written copy for B2B marketing agencies and global tech brands, including Siemens, Technicolor, and Micro Focus. 

Over the last few years he’s morphed into writing direct response copy for B2C markets, primarily in health, writing for clients who track every click, open, and sale. Matt uses his experience to dig deep into the psychology behind high converting copy. 

Recent blog posts:

The CopyWriter's Crucible

Alexa Rank: 826,473

#15. Nick Usborne

Nick Usborne has been copywriting since 1979 and has written hundreds of articles for,,, Business 2.0 and other online publications. He is also the author of Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy (2001).

Nick has worked with a wide range of clients including Citibank, Apple, Chrysler, Franklin Mint, TV Guide, Diners Club International, J. Paul Getty Trust,, Technogym, Encyclopedia Britannica, New York Times, Country Financial, Adorama, Reuters, WebEx, the U.S. Navy  and others.

He has since scaled back on client work and now concentrates on creating training courses for online content writers and copywriters. He also coaches up-and-coming freelancers.

In 2007 he created the first of several training programs for American Writers and Artists Inc. That first program,  Web Copywriting 2.0 , has been taken by thousands of students and has launched numerous successful online copywriting careers.

He is the co-founder of the chatbot marketing agency, Chatbot Forge.

Recent blog posts:

Nick Usborne

Alexa Rank: 874,737


Good copywriting is vital to the success of your online business. It can create an instant connection with your audience, clarify the benefits of your products or services, establish your credibility, and build your brand.

These 15 copywriting blogs will help you develop the copywriting skills you need to turn your content in to a marketing tool that converts visitors into customers.

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