The Top 25 Minimalist Blogs for Decluttering & Simple Living in 2022

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This is the first in a series of articles showcasing the top blogs in their niche. In this article, I list the top Minimalist blogs.

The blogs are ordered by Alexa Rank, which is a measure of website popularity. For each blog, I’ve provided a brief description of what the blog focuses on and links to three recent blog posts.

So what is minimalism?

Apart from being a post-WWII movement in modern art and a school of architecture, minimalism refers to a lifestyle. It’s also sometimes referred to as ‘intentional living’ or ‘slow living’.

It’s a movement that’s been jokingly described in the following terms: 

To be a minimalist you must live with less than 100 things, you can’t own a car or a home or a television, you can’t have a career, you must live in exotic hard-to-pronounce places all over the world, you must start a blog, you can’t have children, and you must be a young white male from a privileged background..

Here’s a less tongue-in-cheek description: 

Minimalism is all about living with less. This includes less financial burdens such as debt and unnecessary expenses. … For many minimalists, the philosophy is about getting rid of excess stuff and living life based on experiences rather than worldly possessions.

So, with that out of the way, here’s a list of the top 25 minimalist blogs.

1. Zen Habits

Zen Habits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter in your life so you can focus on what’s important. It’s about creating and finding happiness. The blog has over a million readers and over 200K subscribers. Zen Habits has twice been named one of the Top 25 blogs by Time Magazine.

Recent blog posts:

2. Becoming Minimalist

Founded by Joshua Becker, Becoming a Minimalist is about removing unnecessary personal possessions and discovering, in the process, that you have more money, more time, more energy, more freedom, less stress, and more opportunity to pursue your passions.

Recent blog posts:

3. The Minimalists

Nearly a decade ago Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus had achieved everything that was supposed to make them happy: six-figure careers, luxury cars, oversized houses, and so on.

But it left them unsatisfied. And so began their journey into minimalism.

Through their website, books, podcasts, and documentaries, Joshua and Ryan help over 20 million people live more meaningful lives.

The Minimalists shows that the real purpose of minimalism is not having less but making room for more: more time, more passion, more creativity, more experiences, more contribution, more contentment, more freedom. 

These are some of the topics they write about: Excess Stuff, Clutter Sentimental Items, Relationships, Gifts, Counting Possessions, Career, Money, Productivity, Clothes, Workspace, Goals, Decisions, Mindfulness, Time, Health, Past, and Perfection.

Recent blog posts:

The Minimalists

4. Be More With Less

Founded by Courtney Carver, Be More with Less is a blog about downsizing, creating space to notice your life and how to enjoy what matters most to you.

After spending much of her adult life tired, stressed, sick, and doing work she didn’t care about, Courtney decided to let go and unclutter.  In the process, she went from a multiple sclerosis diagnosis to feeling the best she’s felt in decades. And she went from being deep in debt and clutter to living debt- and clutter-free.

Be More with Less has over 1 million readers.

Recent blog posts:

5. Matt D’Avella

Matt D’Avella is a filmmaker, YouTuber & podcaster who explores what it means to live a good life. Matt runs a podcast, The Ground Up Show, where he has candid conversations that help listeners to pursue a meaningful life. 

In addition to his 6-part series on Minimalism, Matt also has a podcast with over 2 million downloads.

Recent podcasts:

matt d'avella - minimailsm - grid

6. Simply + Fiercely

This is a blog about how to recover from a life that looks good on the outside but feels wrong on the inside. It’s a blog about taking control of your life and clearing out the clutter. It’s about being honest with yourself, listening to your heart, doing more of what you love, and learning to let go of all the rest.

The person behind Simply + Fiercely is Jennifer, who grew up in Maryland, USA but now lives in Queensland, Australia. At a young age, Jennifer went traveling the world on her own. She hitchhiked in Alaska, received death threats in Guatemala, pulled pints in London, taught English in China, went caravanning in New Zealand, and backpacked solo through Central America.

Recent blog posts:

7. No Sidebar

This blog is for anyone who feels swamped by the sheer volume of stuff that comes into our lives: stuff in our houses, stuff on our calendars, stuff on our minds. All that stuff gets in the way of where we really want to go and who we really want to be.

No Sidebar helps you design a life of less—and more. More of what you love, less of what you don’t. It’s a process, and we’re all in it together. Join No Sidebar’s 30-day email course to inspire + encourage you on your journey.

Recent blog posts:

8. Reading My Tea Leaves

Reading My Tea Leaves is a lifestyle blog, celebrating a practical and purposeful approach to a simple, sustainable life. Written by Erin Boyle, this blog embraces the notion that “living small” is beneficial and accessible to us all—whether we’re renting a tiny apartment or purchasing a three-story house.

Recent blog posts:

Reading MY Tea Leaves - minimalism blog

9. Unfancy

Unfancy is written by Caroline and is a creative space where she shares low-key outfit ideas, closet-curating tips, carry-on packing guides, and a lighthearted approach to the whole “less is more” thing. The blog began as part of a year-long experiment to live out of a capsule wardrobe comprising just 37 pieces of clothing.

Recent blog posts:

minimalist blogs - unfancy - minimalist blog

10. The Minimalist Mom

The Minimalist Mom is the creation of Rachel, a city mouse living in a small mountain town. This bog is for anyone living in a home that’s heaving with unnecessary stuff. Stuff that’s draining your bank accounts, sucking up your time, and making your home a place of stress and guilt rather than an oasis of calm to relax and enjoy. Rachel, who’s the author of three books published by Simon & Schuster, gives you strategies and ideas for paring down and shares with you her own journey with minimalism, which started in 2010. 

Recent blog posts:

11. Cait Flanders

Cait Flanders is the author of the WSJ bestseller, The Year of Less. She lives on a beautiful and rugged island in British Columbia, Canada. Her blog documents her adventures in opting out.

This is more than a blog about reducing clutter. It’s about deciding to ‘tune out’ from the family stories, cultural surroundings, and messages that have told you who you should be and how you should live your life.

It’s about choosing to opt-out from the stories you’ve told yourself about what you think will make you happy (yet it somehow never does). Cait Flanders is about taking the brave step to live an intentional life according to your own values.

Recent blog posts:

12. Miss Minimalist

This is a blog by Francine Joy who believes minimalism is about more than white walls and empty spaces. Miss Minimalist blog shows you that minimalism isn’t about emptiness for the sake of emptiness—but rather making room to move freely, think clearly, and open yourself to the beauty and wonder of life.

In the process, you’ll discover that the less stuff you have cluttering your home and the less “to-do’s” cluttering your time, the more energy you can devote to the things that are truly important to you.

Recent blog posts:

13. Exile Lifestyle

Exile Lifestyle is the blog of Colin Wright, author, international speaker, and host of the Let’s Know Things and Brain Lenses podcasts. Colin travels the world full-time, moving to a new country every four months or so, each move determined by the votes of his readers.

In 2009, he got rid of everything he owned that wouldn’t fit into a carry-on bag. He scaled down his studio so he could run it from the road, and started his blog Exile Lifestyle. He asked his readers to vote on which country he should move to first, and they decided it would be Argentina.

Since then, he’s also lived in New Zealand, Thailand, Iceland, India, Romania, Czech Republic, and the Philippines, and visited about 60 other countries, road-tripped South America, wandered Southeast Asia, and explored Europe by train.

Recent blog posts:

14. Break the Twitch

Break The Twitch is about eliminating overwhelm, cultivating focus, building better habits, and enjoying the process of doing it. And the secret to doing all this is simple: paying attention to the right things.

Break The Twitch is an online community of writers, creators, developers, production managers, and work-from-home’rs who work together to build powerful habits through consistent action. The ‘twitch’ in the title of the blog refers to unconscious habits that have become reflexes: checking the phone a hundred times per day, making knee-jerk purchases that end up never being used. Breaking the twitch is the process of freeing yourself from these semi-automatic reflexes and living a life of attention and intention.

Recent blog posts:

break the twitch - minimalist blogs

15. Nourishing Minimalism

Nourishing Minimalism is a blog founded by Rachel Jones that aims to help you transform your home into a peaceful space with airy closets, organized cupboards, and sparkling clear countertops. Rachel began a minimalist lifestyle, not as an end in itself, but as a way of focusing on what’s important. It’s allowed her to spend more time with family and focus more on Christ. 

Each year Rachel hosts a decluttering challenge with over 36,000 of her readers participating.

Recent blog posts:

16. The Simplicity Habit

The Simplicity Habit is a blog about living a life full of purpose and intention. It’s about simplifying your life and creating a margin so you can say yes to the great.

Weighed down by clutter that overflowed from house into garage, Julianna made a decision to simplify. Her blog is an antidote to the dictates of our culture, which tells us that we need more, more, and more. Julianna believes passionately that in order to feel fulfilled and feel that our lives have meaning, we do not need more things. Instead, we need more time to spend with those we love.

The Simplicity Habit recognizes that simplicity is not a one-time choice – it’s an ongoing habit that creates a life of simplicity.

Recent blog posts:

17. Reduce, Reuse, Renew

Reduce, Reuse, Renew is a guide to reduction-based living through mindfulness, minimalism, managing anxiety, and zero waste living. 

This is a blog for anyone who feels overwhelmed, stressed, anxious. If you feel like you’re cleaning all the time, like you never have enough time in your day for the things you love doing, this blog is written for you.

Reduce, Reuse, Renew shows you how to reduce your mental clutter through mindful and intentional living, minimalism, and zero waste living. And in the process, you’ll discover new possibilities that help you live a life you love. 

Recent blog posts:

18. Tiny Ambitions

Tiny Ambitions is a blog and podcast about living a tiny, simple, intentional life. It’s based on the counter-cultural idea that life doesn’t need to be lived big.

Tiny Ambitions was founded by Britt, a freelance writer, who writes about minimalism, decluttering, simple living, lifestyle, relationships, health & wellbeing, tiny houses, and sustainable living.

Recent blog posts:

minimalist blogs - tiny ambitions - minimalist blog

19. Black Minimalists

Black Minimalists is a community of individuals who identify as black and who decided to lead simpler lives devoid of excess stuff, which can include emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial clutter. Black Minimalists is a space where they connect with each other, tell their stories, share ideas and resources, and work collectively towards liberation. 

Recent blog posts:

20. Minimalism and Your Money

Minimalism and Your Money is a blog founded by Dave and Ashley, a couple in their late 30’s who write about minimalism, frugality, living an intentional life, and organization.

Minimalism and Your Money is about four key principles: (1) being frugal, (2) being intentional and mindful with time (time is our most valuable commodity), (3) being minimal (creates more time to spend on things that matter), and (4) being organized (less mess = less stress).

Recent blog posts:

21. Raising Simple

Raising Simple is the creation of Zoë Kim, author of the book Minimalism for Families. She’s the mother of four, and she partners with individuals who want to tackle the challenges of a cluttered home and life. Zoë believes in developing a minimalist lifestyle through positive perspective changes and practical solutions. Her goal is to help you find the best solution to simplify your home and life.

Recent blog posts:

22. Practising Simplicity

Practising Simplicity, established in 2008 by Jodi Wislon, is a family and lifestyle blog. It’s a story of motherhood and the home, simple living, and good intentions. It covers a range of topics including the family home, motherhood, yoga, pregnancy, photography, travel, and lifestyle.

Recent blog posts:

23. Rowdy Kittens

Rowdy Kittens is a blog created by Tammy Strobel, writer, photographer, and cat lover. Tammy was working at an investment management firm in Davis, California, and was caught up in the “work-spend treadmill.” Until one day she upped and left. She and her husband began donating their belongings to charity until they were left with just 100 personal items. They now live in a 400-square-foot studio where Tammy happily works as a web designer and freelance writer. She owns four plates, three pairs of shoes, and two pots.

Recent blog posts:

24. The Minimalist Experience

The Minimalist Experience is the creation of Jonah, who set out to free himself from the desire for social status, brands, and the false sense of success presented by consumerism. The blog teaches you the basic principles of minimalism and aims to build a community where the focus is on the things in life that matter: family, friends, and internal happiness.

The Minimalist Experience encourages readers to grow as people instead of being used by brands as walking billboards to sell their products.

Recent blog posts:

25. Karen Sincerely

Karen Sincerely is a blog for anyone who feels stuck in their life, running on empty, spinning your wheels, and not sure who you are anymore or what you want out of life. Founded by Karen, this blog helps you transform your mindset, live a life of abundance, and find your inner magic. Karen began this blog after noticing the dramatic improvement in her mental wellbeing that resulted from de-cluttering. The blog covers the topics of Self, Mothering, Minimalism, Decluttering, and Organization.

Recent blog posts:

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