Best WordPress WYSIWYG Editor – 7 Page Builders Compared

best wordpress wysiwyg editor

[lmt-post-modified-info]What is the best WYSIWYG editor for WordPress? That’s a good question. And if you found this article in Google search, it’s most likely a question you’re asking yourself. But first of all, what is a WordPress WYSIWYG editor? Simply put, a WYSIWYG editor is a drag-and-drop application that allows you to drop … Read more

The 7 Best Duplicate Content Checker WordPress Plugins

duplicate content checker WordPress plugin

Duplicate Content Checker WordPress Plugins are a vital part of any bloggers tool kit. Why? Because WordPress automatically creates duplicate content and that duplicate content could be hurting your rankings. But first what exactly is duplicate content and why does it hurt your search engine rankings? Quick Navigation 1. What Is Duplicate Content?1.1 … Read more