Let Me Do Your SEO For You!

There's a lot of info on this site explaining how to do SEO.

But sometimes, you just want it done for you.

And that's why I've created these done-for-you SEO packages.

With each package I explain what I did and the steps I took. And hopefully that will help you learn how to do it, so that next time you can do it yourself.

Or, you can get me to do it again (whichever you prefer).

Just click on the package that suits your needs and we'll talk soon!

Keyword Research - 15 Keywords

These 15 carefully researched keywords will be the basis for 15 articles

Keyword Research - 30 Keywords

These 30 carefully researched keywords will be the basis for 30 articles

on-page seo (one article)

I use On-Page SEO to push your article higher up the SERPs


I research topics and sub-topics for your given keyword and create an article outline. This ensures that your article has maximum topical authority

niche scoping keyword research

Get a list of 90 blog post ideas within your niche, together with search volume, and keyword difficulty.

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