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Learn How To Write Powerful Articles & Get More Customers

Engage with your readers and build trust and credibility… even if you’re starting out!

Learn To Write Content That Converts!

Discover how to write content that engages with your audience, builds trust, and establishes your credibility.

Connect with your readers

Learn how to connect with your readers and keep them on the page… all the way to the end.

Build trust and authority

With these writing techniques, you’ll build trust and authority – the two things you must have if you want to succeed with your online business.

Get new customers

Learn how to create content that brings high-converting traffic to your website and turns visitors into customers.

Over 90% of online writing fails to generate traffic or customers

2 million new blog posts are written every day and most of them fail miserably. They don’t generate traffic. Thy don’t create new subscribers. And they don’t convert readers into customers. In fact, the vast majority of those 2 million blog posts never even get read! 

Written content is still the main driver of Internet traffic. And that’s why the people who are making a killing online are people who know how to write.

By that, I mean they know how to grab people’s attention, they know how to keep people moving down the page, and they know how to use writing to build a relationship with their readers.

If you’ve been publishing blog posts for 6 months or more and it feels like you’re not getting anywhere, my guess is you aren’t connecting with your readers.

Here are some signs that your writing is missing the mark:

  • No one ever comments on your articles
  • No one ever shares your articles on social media
  • Your ‘time on page’ is very low (i.e. your readers are leaving your page after only a few paragraphs)

If this describes you, you’re not alone.

Most of us know how to write. We were taught how to write essays in high school. And many of us have also been taught how to write academic papers at University.

But that’s not the same as knowing how to write for the Internet.

I come from an academic background and I spent a big part of my career writing reports that were hundreds of pages long.

So I prided myself on being “a good writer”.

But by the end of my first year online, it dawned on me I had to learn a new way of writing. I realized that successful bloggers getting tens of thousands of page views a month were writing in a completely different style to me.

I’m talking about the kind of writing that pulls you in from the first sentence. The kind of writing where you’re so absorbed that you forget you’re reading an article – it seems like the writer is sitting next to you having a chat with you.

I wanted to learn how to write like that.

But I had to eat humble pie and learn all over again.

And that’s what I did.

I sat down and analyzed the writing styles of over 15 successful online entrepreneurs and bloggers. 

And I noticed that they were all doing two things very well:

  • hooking the reader in the first few sentences
  • using transitions to keep the reader moving down the page

I started using those techniques in my own writing.

The result?

My articles started performing better in the search results. I began outranking websites with much higher domain authority.

And the reason?

My article titles were getting a higher click through rate (CTR) and people were staying on my pages for longer.

Those are both ranking factors that will push your pages higher in the search results.

Not only that: I started getting comments on my blog posts (so many that I’ve recently disabled commenting) and people began sharing my articles on social media.

laptop writer

Start Connecting With Your Readers & Turn Visitors Into Customers

In this 7-module video course, you’ll discover the writing techniques that successful bloggers use to write engaging articles that connect with readers. You’ll learn how to write article titles that get high click-through rates (CTR). And you’ll discover how to write Introductions that pull your readers in from the very first sentence. You’ll also learn how to use transitions that keep your readers moving down the page. These transitional phrases are conversational and create a relationship between you and the reader – vital for building trust and credibility. Armed with these techniques, your articles will become lead generation tools that create an endless stream of new subscribers, prospects, and customers.

What’s in the Course:


Module One

Finding a topic

This is where a lot of bloggers get stuck. In this module I show you the two techniques I use to come up with topics for new articles. Armed with these two techniques, you’ll never again be staring at a blank screen, wondering what to write about.


Module Four

Writing the Article

This is where I show you how to write Introductions that hook your reader from the first sentence. And I also show you how to use transitional phrases to keep your readers moving from one paragraph to the next. These transitions are often very chatty and establish a relationship between you and the reader. That relationship is what will build the following you need to build an online business.


Module Seven

Productivity and Workflow

The secret to getting enough traffic to your website is creating a high output of new content. That’s why productivity is a vital part of successful blogging. In this module I share with you my own productivity tips and a workflow that will help you reach the level of content output  you need in order to break through.


Module Two

Choosing a Blog Post Type

Most blog posts can be divided into seven basic types. In this module I walk you through each type and show you how to write them and when to use them. There’s one blog post type in particular that gets higher readership rates than any other kind of blog post – and it’s the one you should be writing if you’re starting out


Module Five

WordPress Editors

Your articles should be bringing in new subscribers around the clock. And that’s why you need your blog posts formatted for high conversion.  n this module I take you through the different drag-and-drop WP editors and show you which editors are built for conversion.


Module Three 

Crafting the Title

The title of your article is everything! And the reason it’s so important is that 80% of visitors will never get past the title. That’s why you need to craft a title that gets clicked. There’s a formula for writing compelling titles and I show it to you in this module.


Module Six 

Editing and Proof Reading

Many online writers skip this step. It’s easy to do. After all, you’ve worked hard and the article is finished: you just want to hit ‘publish’. But editing and proof reading are crucial. Spelling mistakes and typos are the equivalent of turning up to a business meeting in dirty shoes and a crumpled shirt – they destroy the credibility you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Find out about the free online tools I use for final proof reading.

About Your Instructor

Rob Powell is a writer, course creator, and SEO expert. His articles have appeared as guest posts and guest contributions on dozens of well-known business blogs and websites.

He ghost writes articles for clients and coaches other bloggers on how to create SEO-friendly content and how to do keyword research.

When he’s not creating new content for his blog, Rob is either in the kitchen cooking for his wife and two daughters or fighting a losing battle with the vegetation in his tropical garden.

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