Featured Snippets Mini-Course

Get The Secrets to Featured Snippets & Triple Your Traffic

Featured Snippets or Position Zero are the most valuable real estate in the SERPs. And they’re going to be a major SEO trend this year. Those who know how to get featured snippets are going to dominate organic search in 2021.

Featured snippets drive over 70% of my organic traffic. They earn me backlinks, raise my profile, and build trust and credibility on the web.

And over the last 12 months I’ve developed some techniques for getting them!

Join me in this 5 lesson mini course, where I show you how to prime your content for featured snippets:

  • Lesson 01 – What Are Featured Snippets?
  • Lesson 02 – How to Use SEMrush to Find Featured Snippet Opportunities
  • Lesson 03 – How To Optimise for Featured Snippets
  • Lesson 04 – More Ways To Find Opportunities for Featured Snippets
  • Lesson 05 – How To Reverse Engineer Featured Snippets

Limited time  – offer closes Friday 5th February 2021

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