About Me


Thanks for dropping by!

My name is Rob and I’m a writer, course creator, and SEO nut. 

I started this blog in 2017 and spent the first six months dabbling in social media, doing blogger outreach, and commenting on forums. I wrote articles on whatever the trending topics were at the time.

As you can imagine, nothing much was happening with my traffic.

Then one day in early 2018 I started doing keyword research. It was a game changer! Since that day, I’ve never written another blog post without first identifying a keyword that I could rank for on Google.

So I became a convert to SEO.

But my real SEO breakthrough came when I realized one day that Google was telling me exactly how to get on Page #1 of the search results for any given keyword.

I developed a system for researching and writing blog posts that more often than not, landed me on Page #1. And I usually outranked pages with much higher domain authority.

I took my unique approach to SEO and turned it into a 13-module online course, Page #1 Traffic Surge.