7 Powerful Tips to Re-Energize Your Video Marketing Strategy

A successful video marketing strategy is vital for any online business in 2020. According to a range of statistics, video content is one of the most powerful marketing tools.  Which is why 87% of marketing professionals use it and 88% of them are totally satisfied with the ROI they get.

But simply posting videos, even good ones, on your website won’t by itself produce stellar results. For a video marketing strategy to succeed, you need to be creative about it and consider means of promoting the right kinds of videos.

video marketing strategy

If your current strategy isn’t performing to your expectations, you should treat it in the same way as you would your business. What would you do to boost your revenues? You’ll use solutions to streamline, automate, and improve the workflow, thereby eliminating any weaknesses your company might have - right? 

So do the same with your video marketing strategy. Analyze it, identify weaknesses, and find solutions which will help fix them. Here are some ideas on how to do this based upon the latest video marketing trends:

1. Go Live

Just as live marketing gets great results, so also does live video  marketing. Live streams on social media generate three times more engagement than regular static content. The rapid rise of Twitch as a live video streaming platform is a testament to how effective this type of content is today.

video marketing strategy

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Things you can stream live include (but aren’t limited to): Q&A sessions, events, and contests. You can even use this opportunity to show off some “behind the scenes” insights into your processes.

2. Brand Your YouTube Channel

Whilst it is true that social media videos are on the rise today, YouTube remains a giant amongst platforms and having an active channel there is a vital feature of any video marketing strategy.

However, for this channel to be more effective you will need to brand it properly. Is there a branding watermark in your videos? Did you remember to add elements of branding when developing your YouTube thumbnail design? Did you do the same when designing the header?

brand your YouTube channel

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Your YouTube channel must be integrated within your marketing strategy on every level, which means every element of it must be branded. In this way you will remind viewers that they aren’t merely enjoying high-quality content but that it was your business which developed it and brought it to them.

You also shouldn’t forget that simply putting your logo in the page header and avatar isn’t enough. Your channel page’s design must also be up to date. Changing the look can go a long way for your brand. Analyze the one you have now - does it still reflect your values? Does it look modern? Perhaps, it’s time to consider a change.

3. Embrace Authenticity

The viewers of today crave authenticity in videos, which is a great piece of news for your brand. This means that you don’t need to pay a small fortune for shooting professional staged videos. Instead, you can shoot it on your smartphone or webcam and then edit it with any of the simple online tools which are available, many of them free.

video marketing strategy - embrace authenticity

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The desire for authenticity stems from the consumers’ need to find brands they can trust. So the content you offer must show your business and products as they really are, so that others can see that you are genuine and aren’t trying to trick them with a couple of clever shots and professional lighting.

Your content must allow consumers to relate to it on a personal level. This is why your focus should be on telling stories and posting testimonials.

4. Tailor Your Content to the Platform

If you aren’t doing so already you should start doing this immediately because one-size-fits-all content is no longer popular. People who watch your videos on different social media platforms want to enjoy the best possible quality, and you can’t provide this if you post videos in one format across all your channels.

The good news is that the aforementioned video editing tools can help you tailor your videos to the different social media platforms. But do bear in mind that you’ll need to do some extra research to determine the best length of video for any platform. You can post full-sized options on your website and YouTube channel and link to them in your social media posts.

5. Remember SEO

Are your videos indexed? Do they have proper titles and metadata? 

Your SEO strategy must extend to video content as well.  Otherwise, people won’t be able to find it through Google and that deprives you of a huge amount of traffic.

With video content you improve SEO through:

  • Meta data.Names and descriptions of your videos must be as catchy and well-optimized as all your other content. This is what Google bots will target first for ranking. Therefore, you need to treat this as you do all your posts and pages.

  • Transcripts and subtitles.You can’t really make good use of SEO using video as a medium. However, you can make a great SEO optimized text and use it as a script. Then, post the transcript as a post under the video and you get to reap all of its SEO benefits. Also, be sure that your video has integrated subtitles. They might not help SEO in particular, but they will make sure your video grabs more attention. Bear in mind that the majority of people watch video on social media with the sound off. Integrated subtitles will ensure you still deliver your message.

6. Make It Interactive

Technologies of 2020 allow you a lot of room to be more creative with your videos. Most importantly, you can now make your videos interactive to some extent. Whether it’s by using AR and VR tech or some other solutions offered by CG experts, you should use everything you can afford.

make your video interactive

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The point is to make your videos more engaging in a “capable of real interaction” way. This is most useful right now when people are still reeling from lockdowns. Many people are getting used to working and obtaining all their entertainment remotely. Making your video content more “real” will make it stand out.

Also, do not overlook the efficiency of shoppable videos. They can boost your conversions and e-commerce is currently on the rise.

7. Tell Positive Stories

Never forget that while marketing should be at the forefront of your mind, your videos must be engaging above all. This means that you need to use the power of storytelling in this medium as well.

In fact, video isa perfect medium for effective storytelling. You can literally bring stories to life here, so plan your scripts accordingly.

Also, bear in mind that in these stressful times, you should focus on positive content. Do not create anything controversial and instead focus on being helpful and fun. You should definitely run a section of “real-life” videos of your team and behind-the-scenes of your business. These videos should be lighthearted and uplifting.

For more business-oriented content, develop how-to videos with helpful info. You can expand to general tips that go beyond your specific products or services. Run polls using social media to learn what topics would be interesting for your customers. Also, consider creating a series of short videos around specific topics.

And never underestimate the power of a cliffhanger!


Video marketing is very hot right now, so it is imperative that your business uses it. Today any business can do this because “cheap” authentic video content is exactly what consumers are looking for.

These tips can help you to give them what they need and maximize your video marketing ROI by making small but significant improvements to your current strategy.

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