How To Use Quizzes for Lead Generation (Free Tool)

Quizzes for lead generation are a powerful list building tool, with an average conversion rate of 50%.

That's pretty good, considering that most lead magnets convert at the rate of 10% - 15%.

build a quiz in 5 easy steps

In this article, I show you:

  • why quizzes work so well for list building
  • 5 different types of lead generation quizzes
  • how to create your own lead generation quiz in 5 easy steps

 Watch This Video and Discover How To Make a Knowledge Test Quiz in 5 Easy Steps

If you prefer to follow written instructions  here are the five steps for creating your own knowledge test quiz.

Why Do Quizzes Work So Well for Lead Generation?

The main reason quizzes for lead generation convert so well is that they give personalized results.

Imagine you had a shop and every time someone came in with an enquiry you gave exactly the same information.

Well, that’s what most lead magnets are like.

The fact is people have different needs and are at different stages in the buying cycle. So they need different advice.

And that’s what quizzes do: they give different results based on the answers the user gives.

Another key reason that quizzes work so well is simply that they’re fun and interactive.

Anything that draws your prospect in and gets them to take an action, however small (known as a micro commitment) has a much higher chance of conversion.

Lastly, quizzes are still something of a novelty. Not many people are using them (yet).

So they stand out from the standard lead magnets, which people have become blind to from over-exposure.

The Three Elements of a Lead Gen Quiz

Quizzes for lead generation consist of three parts:

  • questions related to a product or service that your website offers
  • a lead capture form where the user enters an email address to receive the quiz results
  • a personalized result, based on the answers the quiz-taker gives

(1) The Questions

To create quizzes for lead generation, simply formulate a set of 5 to 7 questions that are related to the main theme of your your website or a product on your website.

The questions in your quiz don't need to be specifically about your product of service, but they need to point in that general direction.

Your questions should touch on the pain points that your potential customers experience. The questions should also aim to segment your potential audience into different groups.

These groups could be based upon:

  • where the person is in the buyer journey (awareness, consideration, decision)
  • what kind of problem they are experiencing
  • what sort of product or service they are going to need

(2) The Lead Capture Form

Once the quiz taker has answered the questions, a lead capture form pops up, asking them where the results should be sent to:

lead capture form in an online quiz

(3) The Results

Once your quiz-taker has entered their email address, they will be shown a result that tells them briefly what sort of 'x' they are or what the diagnosis is, or what their knowledge score is.

6 Different Types of Quizzes for Lead Generation

Here are the six main types of quizzes for lead generation:

(1) Personality Quiz

types of lead gen quizzes

The most popular type of quiz, by far, is the personality quiz.

This kind of quiz has an almost universal appeal because it feeds into two fundamental principles of human psychology:

  • Curiosity about ourselves – we're all trying to work out what ‘make us tick’
  • Confirmation bias - personality quizzes tend to confirm theories we already have about who we are and why we like the things we like

In the marketing space, personality quizzes often take the form of “What kind of an ‘x’ are you”.

The idea here is that whatever the product or service being sold, there’s one that matches your visitor's personality.


  • What's your watch style?
  • What’s your tech personality type
  • What's your shoe personality?
  • What type of cyclist are you?
  • What type of coach are you?
  • What kind of blogger are you?
  • What is your brand voice style?
  • Which famous entrepreneur are you?
  • What's your cleaning personality?
  • What is your selling personality?
  • What type of mom blogger are you? 

(2) ‘Do You Have What It Takes To Be An X?’ Quiz

types of lead gen quizzes

This is a good type of quiz to use if you're in a niche that involves self-improvement, fitness, or personal growth. Or any area that people find challenging:


  • Do you have what it takes to give up your salary & start a freelance business?
  • Do you have the entrepreneurial mindset?
  • Do you have what it takes to start an online business?

(3) ‘What's The Best Fit For You?’ Quiz

types of lead gen quizzes

This is a good quiz to use when you have a product or service that can be customized to suit the user.


  • Which major is right for you?
  • What career is best for you?
  • Which vacation destination is right for you?

(4) Assessment Quiz

types of lead gen quizzes

This kind of quiz can be used in virtually any niche you can think of. Whatever industry or sector your website is in, there'll be a set of factors you can use to assess your visitors.


  • How good are you in relationships?
  • Do you have a good work-life balance?
  • Is it time for a cleanse?
  • Are you ready to go paleo?
  • Are you overtraining or undertraining?
  • Are toxins unknowingly affecting your body?
  • What type of sleeper are you?

(5) Problem Diagnosis Quiz

types of lead gen quizzes

Most people will arrive on your website with a problem they want to solve. And that's why this is another very popular type of quiz. 


  • What's wrong with your golf swing?
  • Why aren’t you getting enough traffic?
  • Why is your marriage a battlefield?

(6) Scored Knowledge Test

types of lead gen quizzes

This type of quiz is exactly what it sounds like: a test of your visitor's knowledge on a particular topic. You can use these quizzes for lead generation in any niche you can think of.


  • Test your SEO knowledge
  • How much do you know about WordPress?
  • What's your Health & Fitness IQ?


How To Create a Knowledge Test Quiz in 5 Easy Steps

In this short tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a scored knowledge test quiz.

And the reason for that is that whatever niche or industry you’re in, there’ll be a body of knowledge you can use to create a scored knowledge quiz.

People like taking knowledge test quizzes because they like to know where they stand in terms of the industry-specific knowledge that you need in order to succeed in a particular niche.

There are 5 steps to creating this kind of quiz:

  1. Assemble your questions and answers
  2. Add the questions and answers to your quiz
  3. Create your quiz results
  4. Set the score range for your quiz results
  5. Embed the quiz on your website 

Step 01: Assemble Your Questions and Answers

Open a Google Docs document and create a series of questions that are relevant to your industry or niche. These are questions that people would need to know the answers for if they want to succeed at the thing that your website teaches.

For each question, provide 3 or 4 possible answers.

For example, if your website is about photography, your questions and answers might look like this:

example of quiz questions

My website is about SEO, so my quiz questions are SEO-related:

examples of quiz questions

Step 02: Add Your Questions and Answers

Login to your Interact Quiz Maker account and click ‘Create New Quiz’:

create a new quiz in interact

On the next screen, choose ‘Start From Scratch’:

create a lead generation quiz in interact

Then choose the ‘Scored’ Quiz option:

choose the scored quiz option

On the next screen, click on ‘Questions’ in the left side menu and then enter your first question.

Type in the possible answers below the question - you’ll need to use the ‘Add answer’ button for your third question:

create a quiz for lead generation

Then click ‘Add New Question’ and add your second question, and so on:

create a quiz for lead generation

You now need to tell the software which answer is the correct one. You do this by assigning scores to each answer.

Click on the button that says ‘Set Answer Scores’:

create a quiz for lead generation

This is where you’re going to give a score to each of the possible answers.

Give the correct answer a score of 3, and score the incorrect answers as either ‘1’ or ‘2’:

setting scores for your quiz answers

Step 03: Create Your Quiz Results

Once you've finished adding your questions and answers, click on ‘Results’ in the left side menu and create your first ‘result’:

creating quiz results

In a scored knowledge quiz, you will usually have three possible results:

  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Pro

You can give more creative terms to these three levels, such as:

  • You’re a Seedling - Keep Growing
  • You’re Well On Your Way - Good Work
  • Wow! You’re a Pro

Step 04: Set the Score Range for Your Quiz Results

Once you have assigned a score to each of the possible answers to your questions, the software will automatically set a range of scores that correlate with each result:

create a quiz for lead generation

But you can change the score range for each result.

To do this, just click on one of the three results and then click on the button that says ‘Result Settings’:

change the score range

A window will then open where you can adjust the score range for that result:

create a quiz for lead generation

Let’s say you want to make it more difficult to qualify for the ‘Pro’ result: just increase the lower score:

changing the score range for the quiz results

In the above example, I’ve increased the minimum score for the ‘Pro’ result to 19.

Here’s a really cool thing about Interact Quiz maker: when you adjust the score range for a result, the software automatically adjusts the adjacent result, to ensure there’s no overlap. 

You can see this in the screenshot below:

The score range for the intermediate result was 8 to 14 and it’s now 8 to 18:

adjusting the score range for your quiz results

Step 05: Add Your Opt-in Form

In this step you turn your quiz into a lead generation tool.

Here’s how to do it.

Click on ‘lead generation’ in the left side menu and toggle the button to the ‘on’ position:

toggle lead generation to 'on'

On the next screen, make any adjustments that may be necessary for your situation and then click ‘Save and Continue’:

create a quiz for lead generation

Next, choose your email marketing service (EMS) and then click ‘Save and Continue’:

choose your email marketing service

A new window will appear where you can map the results in your quiz to a groups that you have set up within your email marketing service:

create a quiz for lead generation

This is why quizzes are such a powerful lead generation tool: they allow you to segment your quiz takers into different groups, depending on their level of experience, their area of interest, the problems they face, etc.

In the above example, I’ve created three groups within MailerLite that correspond to the three results of the quiz.

That will allow me to send different types of content to these three different groups (someone who scored ‘Pro’ won’t want to see the same information as someone who scored the ‘Seedling’ result).

Now all you ned to do is embed your quiz in your web page:

embed quiz in web page

Interact Quiz Maker also gives you the option to embed your quiz with an iFrame.


If your lead generation is stuck in the doldrums, try offering a quiz.

Quizzes for lead generation are definitely the new hot lead magnet and not many websites are using them (yet).

The reason they’re so effective in generating leads is that they’re fun, they’re interactive, and they give personalized results.

So don’t waste any time – get your quiz up and running today!

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