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Top 5 Lead Generation Quiz Tools in 2021

Quizzes for lead generation are the latest thing in lead magnets, and with an average conversion rate of 50%, it's not hard to see why.

Most people would be happy with 10% - 15%.

According to one authority, 20% - 25% would be a good conversion rate for a lead magnet.

So these conversion rates being generated by quizzes for lead generation are truly astounding!

how to make a quiz for lead generation

Here are some interesting facts about the conversion power of quizzes:

  • The website T1Q went from getting 5 new subscribers a day to 100 new subscribers a day, an increase of 1900%, just by adding a quiz.
  • In Episode #135 of Marketing School (December 2016) Neil Patel reported that quizzes are working very well on his sites and added “we just don’t talk about it much because we don’t want everybody copying us”.
  • BuzzFeed gets over 200M monthly visitors and in March 2017 its top 4 ‘stories’ were all quizzes

Why Do Quizzes Convert So Well?

The main reason quizzes for lead generation convert so well is that they give personalized results.

Imagine you had a shop and every time someone came in with an enquiry you gave exactly the same information.

Well, that’s what most lead magnets are like.

The fact is people have different needs and are at different stages in the buying cycle. So they need different advice.

And that’s what quizzes do:

They give different results based on the answers the user gives.

Personalization is a game changer in marketing. Direct marketing agency, The Weinstein Organization, reports that personalized digital ads deliver a 230% higher click-through rate than generic ads.

Another key reason that quizzes work so well is simply that they’re fun and interactive.

Anything that draws your prospect in and gets them to take an action, however small (known as a micro commitment) has a much higher chance of conversion.

Lastly, quizzes are still something of a novelty. Not many people are using them (yet).

So they stand out from the standard lead magnets, which people have become blind to from over-exposure.

Watch This Video: 'How to Use Quizzes to Increase Leads’ (6 mins)

How Do Quizzes For Lead Generation Work?

Although quizzes for lead generation take a variety of different forms, they all share certain things in common.

They all collect enough personal information to be able to:

  • Give the user a customised result
  • Segment your list

Also, quizzes for lead generation all have these four elements:

  • Quiz start page – 1 or 2 sentences that tell the user what the quiz will do
  • The questions, at least 4 or 5 and usually less than 20, aimed at giving the user personalized advice
  • The lead capture form – the user enters their email address in order to receive the results
  • The results and offer page – the user sees the results and usually an offer that matches the results

Seven Different Types of Quizzes for Lead Generation

Most quizzes for lead generation give the user a personality type, make an assessment of something, or diagnose a problem.

Here are the seven main types of quizzes:

Personality Quiz

The most popular type of quiz, by far, is the personality quiz.

As we saw above, this kind of quiz has an almost universal appeal because it feeds into two fundamental principles of human psychology:

  • Curiosity about ourselves – we’re taught from an early age that it’s not good to be self-absorbed, but the fact is understanding our own proclivities, what ‘make us tick’, is a life-long task for most of us.
  • Confirmation bias - a tendency we all have to favor information that confirms our assumptions. Personality quizzes tend to confirm theories we already have about who we are and why we like the things we like.

In the marketing space, personality quizzes often take the form of “What kind of an ‘x’ are you”.

The idea here is whatever the product or service being sold, there’s one that matches your personality.

Here are some examples:

  • What's Your Watch Style?
  • What’s Your Tech Personality Type
  • What's Your Shoe Personality?
  • What Type of Cyclist Are You?
  • What Type of Coach Are You?
  • What Kind of Blogger Are You?
  • What Is Your Brand Voice Style?
  • Which Famous Entrepreneur Are You?
  • What's Your Cleaning Personality?
  • What Is Your Selling Personality?
  • What Type of Mom Blogger Are You?               

Here are some other popular types of quiz:

‘Do You Have What It Takes To Be An X?’ Quiz


  • Do you have what it takes to give up your salary & start a freelance business?
  • Do You Have the Entrepreneurial Mindset?
  • Do You Have What It Takes To Start An Online Business?

‘What's The Best Fit For You?’ Quiz


  • Which major is right for you?
  • What Career is Best for You?
  • Which vacation destination is right for you?

Business / Website Assessment Quiz


  • How Strong is Your Brand's Personality?
  • What Social Network Is Best For Your Brand?
  • How Does Your Retail Integration Measure Up?
  • Where are You on the Blogging Roadmap?
  • Is Your Website Easy to Use?

Health / Lifestyle Assessment Quiz


  • How Good Are You In Relationships?
  • Do You Have A Good Work-Life Balance?
  • Is It Time For A Cleanse?
  • Are You Ready To Go Paleo?
  • Are You Over-Consuming Gmo's?
  • Are You Overtraining or Undertraining?
  • Are Toxins Unknowingly Affecting Your Body?
  • What Type Of Sleeper Are You?

Real Estate Assessment Quiz


  • How Likely Is Your Property To Rent In 30 Days?
  • Are You Ready To Buy A Home This Year?
  • How Fast Will Your Home Sell, And For How Much?
  • What Kind Of Home Will Make You The Happiest?

Problem Diagnosis Quiz


  • What's Wrong With Your Golf Swing?
  • Why Aren’t You Getting Enough Traffic Quiz
  • Why Is Your Marriage a Battlefield Quiz

Top 5 Lead Generation Quiz Tools

Here are the 5 top SaaS providers of quizzes for lead generation:

1. Interact Quiz Builder

Interact Quiz Builder is software for using quizzes to generate leads and drive sales.

Interact offers 100+ quiz templates in a range of industries from blogging to automotive to finance to parenting. Interact’s quizzes are designed to grow your email list, drive sales, and increase your social media presence.

This is the quiz creator software I use and recommend.

I love the UI and the software is very easy to use. In fact, everything about Interact Quiz Builder, from designing your quiz to embedding it on your website, is a breeze

2. ProProfs Quiz Maker

ProProfs Quiz Maker describes itself as the world's simplest way to create online quizzes

With ProProfs you can created s Scored Quiz (where you assign scores or grades to the quiz taker) or a Personality Quiz (where you assign a personality type to the quiz taker).

This is a very simple & easy-to-use interface that allows you to build quizzes in just 5 steps

If you're stumped for questions, Pro Prof's has over 1,00,000 ready-to-use questions to help you out!

Features include:

  • Automated grading
  • 100+ smart security configurations
  • 10+ question types with branching
  • 100+ themes & backgrounds
  • Add your logo & brand quizzes
  • Customize completion certificates
  • Track who took your quiz & when
  • Check scores & performance
  • Stats to help learners improve

Pro Prof's Online Quiz Maker helps you:

  • Share via email or social media
  • Embed on a blog or website
  • Automate lead capture
  • Transfer leads to your CRM
  • Leverage marketing automation

3. Lead Quizzes

LeadQuizzes was launched in 2016 and offers businesses a simple and effective way to capture leads and grow their businesses. LeadQuizzes allows you to quickly and easily create high converting quizzes focused on generating more leads and sales

4. Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a fairly recent addition to the available quiz creator software. It's a WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to create complex quizzes with branching logic. It allows you to visualize what your quiz looks like and how it flows while you’re building it (in the quiz builder window).

5. FyreBox Quiz Builder

Fyrebox Quiz Builder allows you to create a quiz to generate leads, to educate or simply to engage your audience. Use your quiz for education, business and marketing, or market research.

How To Setup Your First With Quiz With Interact Quiz Builder

To create your own quiz go to Interact Quiz Builder and click on the ‘Get Started For Free’ button:

quiz creator software

On the next screen, click ‘Create New Quiz’.

You’ll be asked if you want to use an existing template or start from scratch.

Interact offers more than 100 ready-made quizzes that you can use as-is or customize:

quiz creator software

Whether you’re going to customize an existing quiz (as I did) or start from scratch, it’s important to realize that an Interact Quiz has three key components:

  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Results

For each question, there’ll be a set of possible answers.

Answering one question (with whatever answer) automatically takes you to the next question.

The results are the personalized outcomes that are given to the user. The result the user gets will depend on how they answered the questions.

Before going any further, let me clarify something.

There are two types of quizzes:

  • Unconditional Quizzes
  • Conditional Quizzes

In Unconditional Quizzes every user sees and answers the same questions. But the results will vary depending on the answers the user gives.

In a Conditional Quiz, the questions themselves vary depending on the answers a user gives.

A Conditional Quiz uses ‘branching logic’ (also known as ‘skip logic’, ‘conditional branching’, ‘branch logic’, and ‘question logic’) to decide which question the user receives next, based on how they answered the last question

While Interact does offer ‘branching logic’ quizzes, this mini tutorial focuses on unconditional quizzes – the type of quiz where every user sees and responds to the same set of questions.

Ok, let’s keep going...

After choosing a template, the first thing you see is the ‘cover image’:

quiz creator software

On this screen you can customize:

  1. The title
  2. The image
  3. The description
  4. The CTA button

You can also add your own logo.

Once you’ve made your changes and clicked ‘Save & Exit’ you’ll see your quiz listed, together with an ‘Edit’ tab, a ‘Share and Embed’ tab, and an ‘Analytics’ tab.

Click on the ‘Edit’ tab:

You’ll then see a color-coded menu that shows you the steps involved in creating or customizing a quiz:

  • Branding & Styling
  • Questions & Results
  • Integration
  • Share & Embed

Underneath each color block are the options available in each step:

Once you’re done with ‘Branding & Styling’ move on to ‘Questions & Results’.

In this step you can:

  • Add or edit the questions
  • Add or edit the results
  • Set up correlations between answers and results

Each question, together with the answers to each question, can be fully edited (changed or deleted entirely):

When you’ve finished customizing the questions and the answers, you’ll be taken to the results screen, which you can also find by clicking in the left hand navigation:

The results are the personalized outcomes given to the user, based on how they answered the questions.

Here’s an example:

For each result, you can customize:

  1. The result title
  2. The result image
  3. The result description
  4. The result CTA button

Once you’ve finished customizing your results, go back to the questions screen (by clicking in the left hand navigation) and click on the ‘Edit Result Correlations’ button:

For each question, you need to correlate or connect an answer to a result.

Connecting an answer to a result couldn’t be easier: you simply click on the answer and then click on the result that you want to correlate it to:

Note two important aspects of connecting answers to results:

  • You can have more answers than results (as shown above)
  • You can correlate more than one answer to the same result (also shown above)

Click on each question screen in turn and correlate the answers to the results.

Then click ‘Save & Exit’ and go to the ‘Integration’ step:

Before going any further, you need to login to your email marketing software and create a new list for each of the results in your quiz.

This is called ‘segmentation’ and it’s part of the reason why quizzes are so effective.

During the quiz, the user gives you information about themselves:

  • Their interests
  • Their level of accomplishment
  • Their goals etc

By assigning them to different segments within your list you’re able to send them information that is directly relevant to their interests, their stage of development, their level of accomplishment, etc.

And that’s going to dramatically increase your reader engagement.

Once you’ve set up lists that correspond to your quiz results, go back to the Interact ‘Integration’ step.

The next 2 screens will ask you to:

  • Customize your opt-in form
  • Integrate your quiz with your email marketing software (e.g. Aweber, MailChimp, MailerLite etc)

Once you’ve done that you’ll be taken to a screen where you assign results to segments (i.e. the lists you just created):

For each result (listed in the left hand panel) click ‘Add Action’ and choose one of the segments (lists) you created.

The final step is placing the quiz on your website.

Click on ‘Share & Embed’:

On the next screen you can choose various options for presenting your quiz to your visitors, including as a:

  • Time-delayed Popup
  • Announcement Bar
  • Landing Page

And that, in a nutshell, is how to set up a quiz in Interact Quiz Builder.

Of course, there’s much than I was able to cover in this mini tutorial.

Some of the advanced features offered by Interact Quiz Builder include:

  • Quizzes with Branching Logic
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Split A/B Testing

Click here to see my own quiz:
Which Blogging Strategy Is Right For You

Examples Of Websites That Use Quizzes for Lead Generation

Want to see some lead generation quizzes in action?

Here are some examples:

Kayla Hollatz is a well-known copywriter, brand strategist, and content creator. Kayla uses an Interact Quiz and garnered close to 700 new subscribers on the first day she launched her quiz!

Her quiz has averaged a 55.8% conversion rate – not bad at all!

Ramit Sethi is personal finance advisor and entrepreneur and the author of New York Times Bestseller, ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’.


If your lead generation is stuck in the doldrums, try offering a quiz.

Quizzes for lead generation are definitely the new hot lead magnet and not many websites are using them (yet).

The reason they’re so effective in generating leads is that they’re fun, they’re interactive, and they give personalized results.

So don’t waste any time – get your quiz up and running today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create a lead generation quiz?

Create a set of questions around the topic of your website or the topic of a specific blog post. Then create a set of results that will tell the quiz taker something about themselves in relation to the topic. For example, tell them what sort of blogger they are, or what sort of yoga they should be doing, or what breed of dog they should get.

Is lead generation profitable?

Yes. If you sell a product or service from your website, you need to build a list of followers. Send them valuable content at regular intervals and they will eventually become customers and even fans of you and your website.

Is lead generation easy?

Like most things, it’s easy once you know how to do it. You need a powerful lead magnet that is related to the topic of the article that brought the person to your website. And you need a smart and visually appealing opt-in form that grabs your visitors’ attention.

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