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The Only Source Of Traffic You Need To Grow Your Business in 2020

How To Get Your Articles On Page #1 of Google

Are you pulling your hair out trying to get traffic to your website?

It’s frustrating, and there are times when you may even feel like giving up altogether.

I know because I used to be where you are now. Staring at a flat line in Google Analytics. And wondering if I’m ever going to succeed.

So don’t worry - I’ve been lost in the woods, like you are now. And I’m going to show you the way out.

But first, let’s talk a bit about traffic.

To be successful in any online business, you need to do three things:


This page is all about taking care of Item #1 – Getting Traffic.

Why Organic Search Is The Best Source of Traffic

There are dozens of different sources of traffic on the Internet.

But some traffic sources convert better than others.

Take social media, for example.

People go on social media to catch up with friends and to be entertained. That’s not traffic that’s going to convert very well. Because those people are not looking for solutions. They’re looking to be entertained or catch up on gossip.

But search engine traffic is different.

People go to a search engine to solve a problem. They're looking for a solution. If they find your page in the search results, by definition they’re interested in what you’re offering.

In other words, search engines deliver highly targeted traffic.

To put it another way: search engines deliver traffic that converts very well.

The traffic from search engines converts into email subscribers. And if you engage with those subscribers and give them value, they eventually purchase your products or services.

And that’s why I, and many other successful bloggers, get my traffic from Page #1 of Google.

My Story...

By now you may be wondering who I am and why you should listen to what I have to say.

I started blogging back in January of 2017.

And tried all the usual traffic-building methods:

  • Pinterest
  • Guest Blogging
  • Influencer Outreach
  •  forum commenting
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

None of them moved the needle on my traffic.

I was publishing a new blog post every week. But I had nothing to show for it. My traffic was a flat line.

I was beginning to wonder if I could make this blogging thing work.

And then I started doing keyword research for every new blog post.

And I started writing content with high topical authority.

An amazing thing happened. My blog posts started appearing on Page #1 of the search results. Sometimes in position #1!

I was stunned.


Because I was outranking Internet gurus with way higher domain authority (DA).

Domain Authority is a metric that predicts the likelihood that you’ll rank on Page #1 of Google. The higher your DA, the easier it is to get on Page #1.

I had a DA of just 24.

But I was outranking web pages with DA in the 80s and 90s.

How was I able to do that?

I had stumbled upon a new Google ranking factor. I was writing articles with very high topical authority. When your content has high topical authority, Google will rank you at the top of the search results. Even if you don’t have high DA.

That’ the core of my approach to SEO. Writing content with very high topical authority. And it’s what I show you how to do in Page #1 Traffic Surge.

How Is My SEO Course Different?

So how is my course different from all the other SEO courses out there?

Most SEO courses cover the same general topics: keyword research, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, backlinks, and so on.

I cover those topics as well.

But my focus is on creating content with high topical authority. That’s my secret sauce. It’s what allowed me to shoot to the top of the search results when I had low DA.


Discover how to create content that ranks on Google and generates an endless stream of visitors to your website. My online video course teaches you the exact  techniques I use to get my articles on Page #1 of Google..

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Page #1 Traffic Surge



  • 12 Modules / 33 Lessons
  • Online Video with downloads
  • 21 Day Action Plan
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Page #1 Traffic Surge



  • 12 Modules / 33 Lessons
  • Online Video with downloads
  • 21 Day Action Plan
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Check Out The Course Curriculum:

Here's a sneak peek at the course curriculum:

My Students Get On Page #1 of Google

The techniques I teach in Page #1 Traffic Surge get results...as you can see from my students’ success stories.

Lorrie Schoettler is a micro-farmer who shows people how to grow their own food. She blogs about seasonal food, how to grow it and delicious recipes for using it in the kitchen.

Lorrie purchased my course in April 2019. In September of this year, Lorrie posted in the Page #1 Traffic Surge Private FB Group that she had just landed her first Page #1 ranking:

In fact, Lorrie did better than that!

When she wrote the FB post, Lorrie's page was in Position #3.

But now, a few weeks later, her page is in Position #1.

And not only that:

She also has a Featured Snippet, the holy grail of SEO:

Another of my students, Ndifreke Atauyo, had a similar experience. Ndifreke runs a website design business from Nigeria. This is what he recently posted on Twitter:

This is how Ndifreke ranked for ‘instagram ad hacks’:

page one traffic surge

Notice that he outranked web pages with much higher domain authority:

And this is how he ranked for ‘yahoo reverse image search’:

Again, he outranked web pages with higher DA:

For the keyword ‘massage business names’, Ndifreke got the No. 1 position and a Featured Snippet:

What You Get and What You'll Learn...

So here’s what you’ll learn with Page #1 Traffic Surge:

Module 01 (2 Lessons)

In Module 01, I show you why Google Search is a bonanza for bloggers: why it delivers more targeted, better quality traffic than any other platform, and why it’s the best foundation for building a successful blog. I also show you why SEO is not as difficult as many people believe and why there are just three things you have to do well to show up on Page #1 of Google.

Module 02 (5 Lessons)

In Module 02, I explain the two factors you need to understand to get on Page #1 of Google: 1) how Google ranks content, and 2) how to understand searcher intent. I also give you an overview of 'On Page' and 'Off Page' SEO.

Module 03 (2 Lessons)

In Module 03 I explain why niche is everything when it comes to getting ranked on Google. I show you what a well-defined niche is and how to find one using keyword research.

Module 04 (3 Lessons)

In Module 04 you’ll discover the new Google ranking factors that are changing the way SEO works. One of these new ranking factors is the key to getting on Page #1 of Google if you’re a new blogger with a new domain that lacks domain authority.

Module 05 (3 Lessons)

In Module 05 I give you the best explanation of keyword research you’ll find anywhere. I show you the different kinds of keywords and how they relate to searcher intent. I show you a simple exercise that every blogger should be doing at the start of their SEO campaign. And I give you an introduction to the various keyword research tools and what they do.

Module 06 (2 Lessons)

In Module 06, I walk you through KWFinder and show you the exact steps I take when I do keyword research to find keywords that will land me on Page #1 of Google. I explain why Keyword Difficulty score is not the critical factor in choosing your keywords and I show you another factor that is absolutely VITAL in choosing a keyword that will get you on Page #1 of Google.

Module 07 (4 Lessons)

In Module 07 I give you a live video that shows you how to do competitor keyword research in SEMrush. This technique allows you to steal the keyword strategies that your competitors are using to get their content on Page #1 of Google. Why re-invent the wheel when you can copy what’s already working for other websites? But there’s a catch to competitor keyword research that you only discover when it’s too late. I’ve got a solution to it, and I’ll show it to you in this module.

Module 08 (5 Lessons)

In this module I show you how to research and write articles with high topical authority. I walk you through the mind mapping techniques I use to write articles that get on Page #1 of Google and allow me to outrank websites with much higher domain authority.

Module 09 (1 Lesson)

In Module 09 I show you the 13 on Page SEO factors you need to optimize in order to get your blog posts on page #1 of Google.

Module 10 (1 Lesson)

In Module 10 I show you the nine Page #1 Domination Techniques I use to beat the competition on Page #1 of Google. These techniques will help you stay on Page #1 and beat the sites that rank above you.

Module 11 (3 Lessons)

In this module I explain to you what Domain Authority is and I show you the five keys to building higher domain authority. I also show you how to quickly and easily eliminate something that will hold you back if you don’t deal with it: toxic backlinks

Module 12 (2 Lessons)

In this module I show you the five techniques I used to take my website from a DA of 1 to a DA of 37 in just under two years. One of these techniques is what I call ‘Micro Guest Blogging’. As far as link building goes, it’s the best kept secret on the Internet. Using this technique, I earned a do-follow link from a website with a DA of 91 with just 15 minutes of writing! What I love about this technique is there’s no ‘cold calling’: these websites come to you, practically begging you for content!

The 21 Day Action Plan

At the end of the course you’ll find a '21 Day Action Plan'.

This action plan covers every step you need to implement in order to get your articles and blog posts on Page #1 of Google.

The Plan doesn't have to be completed in 21 days: you could spread it over three months if need be. Twenty-one days is simply the number of days it would take if you worked on it full time, in one stretch.

The 21 Day Action Plan is presented as a video and also as a downloadable PDF.

This Course Is For You If...

  • You want to tap into the biggest source of free, targeted traffic on the Internet
  • You tried SEO before, found it too complicated, and gave up (SEO is actually very simple if you do it the right way)
  • You want to learn the secret to creating content with high topical authority that gets ranked on Page #1 of Google
  • You want passive traffic that keeps sending visitors to your website long after the initial effort
  • You've been getting your traffic from Pinterest but got tired of the constantly changing algorithm
  • You understand that getting high volume, targeted traffic to your website involves some hard work and doesn’t happen overnight

I always end up ranking on page #1 within a few days...

I used your SEO strategies in one of your courses I purchased sometime ago, and now my site with DA 20 outranks authority sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, PCMag, etc for some high volume keywords. In fact for all my main target keywords I always end up ranking on page #1 within a few days because of topical authority which I first heard from your video course. When I check my stats on http://ubersuggest.io/ and ahrefs.com I always remember your first course I purchased was worth the investment.

Ndifreke Atauyo //  Best Soft Nigeria

Rob Powell is easily one of the best people to learn from on this topic...

I can feel the big difference it’s making, not just to my blogging approach and attitude, but also to my blogging rigor and discipline. Lots of similar courses may exist. But Rob Powell is easily one of the best people to learn from on this topic

Shobha Ponnappa  //  Solo-Hacks Academy

Excellent in its clarity...

Excellent in its clarity and manageable in the steps described. Everything is explained clearly and I am in absolute love with the 21-day action plan

Lorrie Schoettler //  LorrieSeason

Yes, I Have Bonuses For You!

Here are some bonuses that will help you get your blog posts on Page #1:

Bonus #1 - How To Move Your Blog Posts From Page #2 to Page #1

  • Do you have blog posts lurking on Page #2? They might as well be on Page #52?
  • This video lesson shows you how to move those blog posts up to Page #1, with just a few tweaks.
  • This is low-hanging fruit - big returns for small effort

Bonus #2 - Private Facebook Support Group

  • Ask me questions about the training and get an answer within 24 hours
  • Be part of a community of like-minded students, sharing their SEO experiences
  • Helps you to stay on track

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I provide a 30-day guarantee, so you can sign up today, access all the course content, and decide whether or not you want to stay enrolled.

If you decide the course is not for you, just email rob@robpowellbizblog.com before the 30 days is up and I'll give a FULL refund. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Your SEO course different from the others?

I’ve never done any SEO before – is this course going to be too advanced for me?

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What format is the course in?

How long will it take me to get through the course?

Are refunds available if I'm not happy with the course?

About The Course Teacher,
Rob Powell

Hi, my name is Rob Powell.

I have a Master's degree in social sciences and I use the research techniques I learned in my profession to write articles with very high topical authority. My blog posts regularly appear in the Number #1 position on Google.

Like most online entrepreneurs, I experimented with various different traffic sources.

Through trial and error (and a lot of online courses), I worked out how to use my writing to get an endless stream of visitors to my website. Those visitors become subscribers, and then customers. 

I'd like to show you the techniques I use, so that you too can build high converting traffic to your website.