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I started blogging in mid-2017.

My first year was very confusing. There were so many different experts, each with their own formula for building traffic.

Muddling Through...

I tried a whole list of different traffic building techniques in that first year: guest blogging, influencer outreach, blog commenting, Pinterest, Twitter.

With guest blogging, I had some early successes. I got my articles published on some major blogs within my niche. I was pumped!

Tried Guest Posting

So I put all my time and effort into writing guest posts and pitching them to sites in my niche.

But after a while I began to notice something: when a guest post was published, my traffic would spike for a few days and then it would fall back to where it was before.

This wasn’t the kind of traffic I was looking for.

Tried Influencer Outreach

So then I tried Influencer Outreach. I started writing expert roundups and top list posts. Again, I had some quick successes. I was getting on the radar of the key players in my niche and I was getting more social media shares than I’d ever hoped for.

But the excitement wore off. And I began to notice the same pattern I’d seen with guest posting: my traffic would spike and then it would fall back to where it had been before.

What Drives Traffic on the Internet?

I’ve always been someone who wants to understand how things work. I like to go beneath the surface and analyze root causes.

In everything I was reading there seemed to be two main principles that drive traffic on the Internet:

  1. Tapping into the traffic of other websites

  2. Getting the endorsement of key influencers in your niche

The idea behind Principle #1 was this: in any niche there are a limited number of websites that have all the traffic. To succeed, you need to somehow tap into the traffic of those websites.

The idea behind Principle #2 was that to succeed in any niche you need the help of the key influencers in that niche. They are the gate-keepers. It’s they who decide who will succeed in that niche.

I Started Doing Keyword Research

About a year after I began blogging, I reluctantly started doing keyword research.

I know – it sounds bad. But it’s the truth: in my first year of blogging, I did no keyword research whatsoever. If it interested me, I wrote about it. If it was a popular topic on social media, I wrote about it.

The idea that you should never write an article that you can’t rank on Page #1 of Google was a new concept for me. It meant a whole new approach to writing content.

Started Using Long Tail Keywords

So I started learning about long tail keywords. I began writing articles around keywords with low monthly search volume and low competition.

And for the first time in my blogging career, I began to see a steady climb in my traffic. It wasn't a spike. It was a slow but steady rise. And that's what I wanted.

Now that I’d found something that worked, I wanted to get better at it.

Google Was Telling Me How To Rank!

So I started looking at the results on Page #1 of Google for any given keyword.

And I began to realize something: Google was telling me exactly how to rank on Page #1 for that search term.

Say what?

Yes, that’s right!

In effect, Google was saying: "This is the type of content you need to write to get on Page #1 for this search term".

The Turning Point

And that was the turning point.

I began to analyze the top 5 ranking articles for any given keyword. I dissected them, I pulled them apart and broke them down. I discovered what it was that was making them rank on Google. And I made sure my articles had those same elements. But in a larger dose.

The result?

Within weeks my articles were ranking on Page #1 of Google for my chosen keywords. My traffic took off:

Key Takeways

I realize now, looking back on it, that some of the advice I came across in my first year of blogging was simply wrong.

For example, the website that controls the traffic in my niche (and in yours) is not some key influencer or ‘guru’.

It’s Google.

And as for endorsement, there’s nothing on the Internet that will build your reputation faster than ranking in the #1 position on Google for your chosen keyword.

Using These Techniques I Took My Website From Alexa Rank 28 Million To Alexa Rank 122,000 In Just 2 Years!

I'll Show You How To Outrank Websites With Much Higher Domain Authority

I was thrilled when my blog posts started appearing on Page #1 of the search results.

But I was also amazed.


Because I was outranking Internet gurus with way higher domain authority than me.

For example, for the keyword 'high authority backlinks' I outranked internet marketing Guru, Neil Patel. At that time I had a DA of 25 and he had a domain Authority (DA) of 73:

For the keyword 'tips for first year bloggers', I got a Featured Snippet (the best position you can get on Page #1 of Google) and again, I outranked marketing guru Neil Patel:

And for the keyword 'what are lsi keywords' I outranked SEO whizz Brian Dean:

Here's another example.

For the keyword 'lead capture tools' I got Position #1 on Google.

I outranked OptinMonster, a website that not only has higher domain authority than me but also has massive topical authority for this keyword:

For the keyword 'choosing a domain name for SEO' I got Position #1 and again I got a Featured Snippet:

There are many more examples I could give you, but I think you get the idea:

I know how to do this and I can show you how to do it.

Two Ways To Grow Your Blog:

Method #1: Social Media Quicksand

Posting content to social media is like throwing a pebble onto quicksand: it stays there for a few minutes, maybe even a few hours, and then it sinks down, never to be seen again.

Here is the lifespan of a social media post:

  • a Tweet lasts 18 to 20 minutes and then disappears forever
  • a Facebook post lasts 2.5 to 5 hours and then disappears forever
  • an Instagram post lasts 19 hours and then disappears forever

Method #2: Page #1 of Google

Page #1 blog posts deliver passive, residual traffic for months (I have articles on Page #1 of Google that have been sending me traffic for over a year)

  • Each new blog post builds on the traffic from the last blog post – you’re not starting from scratch every time (as you are with social media)
  • When you rank on Page #1 of the search results, you become an expert
  • Get highly targeted traffic: when people find your page in the search results, it means they are looking for what you offer
  • Because search engine traffic is targeted, it converts much better than social media traffic

Google Search: The Best Traffic on the Internet

Search engine traffic converts very well.


Because when people find your page in the search results, it means they’re looking for exactly what you’re offering (otherwise, they wouldn't have found you).

That’s very different to social media traffic.

People generally go onto social media to catch up with friends and colleagues – not to solve a specific problem.

Benefits of Getting Your Blog Posts on Page #1 of Google:

  • Get an endless supply of targeted leads
  • Stop paying for advertising
  • Be seen as an authority and therefore trustworthy (because you rank on Page #1 of Google)
  • Get new subscribers every day
  • Create a traffic machine that feeds your business

What Would It Do For Your Business To Have A Never Ending Stream of Targeted Leads?

Imagine if your email list started growing exponentially - would that improve your business?

That's one of the benefits of getting your blog posts on Page #1 of Google. The people who find your articles are already pre-qualified as highly interested in what you're offering.
The result?
Your list grows fast:

Page #1 Traffic Surge

Discover how to create content that ranks on Page #1 of Google and generates an endless stream of visitors who want exactly what you're offering. My online video course teaches you the exact  techniques I used to build my traffic from zero to 18 K users a month in less than 15 months. This course will solve your traffic problems once and for all.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to my 12-module video course: Page #1 Traffic Surge. The course is self-paced and consists of 3 hours and 45 minutes of video. Once you've completed the course, you'll have a roadmap for building consistent, targeted traffic to your website. Of course, putting it all into action will take a bit of work. That's why I've included a 21 Day Action Plan to help you implement the steps that I describe in the 30 lessons of the course. You also get access to a Private Facebook Group where you can ask me for help with any aspect of the course. You'll get a response from me within 24 hours. 

Learn How To Create Content That Ranks on Page #1

Learn the exact process I use to research and write articles that rank on Google. This is the secret that allowed me to rank my articles on Page #1 of Google even when I had a domain authority of just 25! It's how I manage to outrank web pages that have a far higher domain authority than mine.

Find Keywords In Your Niche

Discover how to use information from your competitor's websites to build out a list of keywords for your niche. This list of keywords will form the basis of your content strategy. You'll hav enough blog post topics to keep you writing for years!

Build High Authority Backlinks

Discover the four techniques I use to get high authority backlinks. Lean how I used one of these techniques (Micro Guest Blogging) to get a do-follow backlink from a DA 91 website with just 20 minutes work.

Build Your List

The money is in the list - its the basis of a prosperous online business. When your articles start showing up on Page #1 of Google, people see you as a trusted authority within your niche. And that makes it easy to get new subscribers.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Brilliant, well laid out...

It’s brilliant. Well laid out, too… Blessings to you for such good work.

Meaghan Marshall

70% through the course and it has been great!

​"I am 70% through the course and it has been great!

I am building a new website at the moment. So I am working through it as I figure out WordPress for the first time. I haven’t made my site live yet, but it has been really helpful as I work through the process of setting it up and finding topics for my blog to concentrate on. So far everything has been really clear".

Shobha Ponnappa

Well taught and well supported...

I really like the course very much. I did a quick onceover of it and then started the detailed note-taking with every module, and trying out the advice.

I can feel the big difference it’s making, not just to my blogging approach and attitude, but also to my blogging rigor and discipline.

The course is making me do a lot of things I never did before, and also to do better what I was already doing.

Most of all, it is so well-taught and well-supported, that I feel very motivated to try all the techniques, without missing out a single one.

Lots of similar courses may exist. But Rob Powell is easily one of the best people to learn from on this topic

Lorrie Schoettler

Excellent in its clarity...

I am getting a lot out of the course. I'm just about finished my first run through the program. I think it is excellent in its clarity and manageable in the steps described. Everything is explained clearly and I am in absolute love with the 21-day action plan

Tonya Kopp

Easy to understand...

"I am impressed with your traffic surge course, it is clear, directly delivered and easy to understand"

What’s in the course...


Module 1: Introduction

Discover why Google Search is a bonanza for bloggers: why it delivers more targeted, better quality traffic than any other platform, and why it’s the best foundation for building a successful blog. See for yourself why SEO is not as difficult as many people believe and why there are just three things you have to do well to show up on Page #1 of Google.


Module 2: Understanding SEO

Learn about the two factors you need to understand to get on Page #1 of Google: (1) how Google ranks content, and (2) how to understand searcher intent. You also learn about 'On Page' and 'Off Page' SEO.

There are over 200 Google ranking factors (way too many to be able to focus on all of them). In this Module I show you the 10 most important ranking factors. Get these 10 things right, and your pages will rank on Google.

Searcher Intent is another key to getting on Page #1 of Google. In this Module I show you a key step you must do when researching keywords for your blog posts. Miss this step and you may be targeting the wrong keyword!


Module 3: Why Niche is Crucial for Ranking on Page #1

Discover why niche is everything when it comes to getting ranked on Google. It determines how quickly your blog posts will be ranked in Google. It determines how quickly you will ‘find your tribe’ and build a subscriber base. And it determines how quickly you will come to be seen as an expert within your niche.The biggest mistake I see beginning bloggers make is choosing a niche that is too broad. Learn what a well-defined niche is and how to find one using keyword research.


Module 4: Understanding the New Ranking Factors

Discover the new Google ranking factors that are changing the way SEO works. With the introduction of the Hummingbird algorithm, Google is now able to understand the depth and breadth of any given topic. And that means that Google can measure topical authority: the extent to which your blog post or article covers a particular topic. This is one of the new ranking factors and if you understand how it works, you can use it to get on Page #1 of Google, even with a domain that has low domain authority.


Module 5: Keyword Research for Page #1 of Google

Get the best explanation of keyword research you’ll find anywhere on the Internet. Learn about the three different kinds of keywords and how they relate to search volume, keyword competition, and searcher intent. Discover why there's only one type of keyword you should be targeting if you want to get on Page #1 of Google. Discover a simple exercise to find the best seed words in your niche. These seed words will generate an almost endless supply of long tail keywords tat you can rank for on Page #1 of Google.


Module 6: How To Do Keyword Research in KWFinder

This is a walk-through video of KWFinder that shows you the exact steps I take to find keywords that land me on Page #1 of Google. Discover why the Keyword Difficulty score is not the critical factor in choosing your keywords. Discover the ONE factor that will tell you whether or not you can rank on Page #1 of Google for a given keyword. Learn how to use KWFinder filters to speed up your keyword research. Discover how to drill down several levels to find keywords that most KWFinder users miss.


Module 7: How To Do Keyword Research in SEMrush

This video shows you how to do competitor keyword research in SEMrush. This technique allows you to steal the keyword strategies that your competitors are using to get their content on Page #1 of Google. Why re-invent the wheel when you can copy what’s already working for other websites? But there’s a catch to competitor keyword research that you only discover when it’s too late. I’ve got a solution to it, and I show it to you in this module.


Module 8: How To Research Articles With High Topical Authority

Discover how to research and write articles with high topical authority. I use screen-capture video to show you the exact the mind mapping techniques I use to research and write articles that get on Page #1 of Google. Getting on Page #1 of Google is about creating topical authority for your articles or blog posts. And to do that, you need to understand the geography of the niche your'e writing in. That's what I show you how to do with my mind mapping technique. I also show you how to expand any blog topic using logical questions. Apply these techniques and your article will have more topical authority than any other content on Page #1 of Google for your chosen keyword.


Module 9: The Page #1 Guide to On Page SEO

Discover the 13 on Page SEO factors you need to optimize so as to get your blog posts on page #1 of Google. This module contains everything you need to know about On Page SEO. These are the factors you need to fine-tune every time you publish a blog post. This is the only guide to On-Page SEO you'll ever need. Make sure you check off each of these 13 factors every time you publish an article, and you'll be ahead of 90% of other bloggers.


Module 10: Nine Page #1 Domination Techniques

These are the nine techniques I've discovered, through a process of trial and error, that you can use to beat the competition on Page #1 of Google. These Page #1 Domination Techniques will help you stay on Page #1 and beat the sites that rank above you (it's not enough to get green lights from the Yoast SEO plugin - there are some other steps you need to take).


Module 11: Understanding Domain Authority

Discover what Domain Authority is and how the scale works and the best ways to increase your domain authority. Learn how to quickly and easily eliminate toxic backlinks (these will prevent you from building domain authority if you don't with them).


Module 12: How To Get High Authority Backlinks

Discover the five techniques I used to take my website from a DA of 1 to a DA of 37 in just under two years. Discover ‘Micro Guest Blogging’, the best kept link building secret on the Internet. Using this technique, I earned a do-follow link from a DA 91 website with just 15 minutes of writing! Learn the Do's and Don'ts of Link Building. Ignore any of the 'Dont's' and you could earn a Google penalty that's hard to recover from.


Yes, I Have Bonuses For You!

Here are some bonuses that will help you get your blog posts on Page #1:

Bonus 1
How To Move Your Blog Posts From Page #2 To Page #1 (Video Lesson)

If you’ve been blogging for more than 6 months you probably have a bunch of blog posts sitting on Page #2 of the search results.

This video lesson shows you how to move those blog posts up to Page #1, with just a few tweaks.

Bonus 2
How To Get Your New Blog Post Indexed By Google In Less Than 24 Hours (Video Lesson)

Most bloggers wait days, even weeks, to get their new blog posts indexed by Google.

In this short video lesson, I show you how to get your new articles indexed by Google in just a few hours.

Bonus 3
Private Facebook Group

Join the Page #1 Traffic Surge private Facebook Group.

Here you can ask me questions about the program and get an answer from me within 24 hours!

About The Course Teacher,
Rob Powell

Hi, my name is Rob Powell.

I started writing for the Internet back in 1998 (when Google was still in its infancy). I have a Master's degree in social sciences and I use the research techniques I learned in my profession to write articles with very high topical authority. My blog posts regularly appear in the Number #1 position on Google.

In my late 40's I realized I wasn't happy in the career that I trained for at University. And so I started writing about search engines. Eventually, it became a business.

And that's how I've been supporting my little family ever since (my daughters are a bit bigger than this now!).

Through trial and error (and a lot of online courses), I worked out how to use my writing to get an endless stream of visitors to my website. Those visitors become subscribers, and then customers. 

I'd like to show you the techniques I use, so that you too can build high converting traffic to your website.

Page #1 Traffic Surge Gets Results

This is what one of my course students recently posted in the Private Facebook Group:

In fact, Lorrie did better than that!

When she wrote the FB post, Lorrie's page was in Position #3.

But now, a few weeks later, her page is in Position #1.

And not only that:

She also has a Featured Snippet, the holy grail of SEO:

But what's really significant about Lorrie's success in getting her post on Page #1 of Google is her websites domain authority. Have another look at the screenshot she posted to the FB group:

Lorrie's website is quite new. And so naturally, her domain authority (DA) is very low. But she outranked websites with a DA of 86 and 60! She even outranked Amazon, with a DA of 96!

This is the power of the technique I teach in Page #1 Traffic Surge - you'll be able to get on Page #1 of Google, even with low DA.

Does $1,500 Seem a Lot?

What would it be be worth to you and your business to find a technique that generates an endless stream of paying customers? It might be worth $1,500. In fact, it could be worth much more.

But don't get alarmed - Page #1 Traffic Surge is no where near that much. I just wanted to put it in perspective. This is an approach to content creation that will generate traffic to your business for years to come. It will give you and your business a huge advantage over your competitors.

I charge $300 for a 2,500 word article. So if you were to hire me to write an article using the techniques I describe in the course, it would cost you much more than the course. And that would be just one article.

But armed with the information in this course, you'll be able to write any number of top-ranking articles.

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 page #1 traffic surge - DISCOUNT

Online video course - 12 modules, 30 lessons



  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • Access to All Modules
  • All bonuses (Including Private Facebook Group)

This is the course I wish I'd had....

Like you, I struggled with traffic in my first year online. There were so many people offering so many different techniques. I tried nearly all of them. This is the technique that finally worked. And this is the course I wish I'd had back then.

I've put 110% into Page #1 Traffic Surge because I wanted this to be an outstanding course. The weeks of hard work that went into this course have paid off in the customer feedback!

I'm keen for you to get the same results I got. And that's why, at the end of the course, you'll find a 21-Day Action Plan that helps you put it all into action!

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