Laptop Writer Pre-Launch

Laptop Writer teaches you how to write articles and blog posts that are simply irresistible.

You know what I mean…the ones where you just have to keep reading because each sentence makes you want to know what's next.

Laptop Writer Is For You If...

  • You've never written anything before (except for shopping lists and emails)
  • You can't think what to write about
  • You think every topic in your niche has already been written about
  • You're worried that no one would read your stuff because you're not an expert
  • You get stuck at the beginning - you don't know how to start an article
  • You don't know how to transition from one topic to the next
  • You get lost in the middle of your writing and don't know where to go next
  • You've come from an academic background and that's the only writing style you have (i.e. boring)
  • You want to make a connection with your readers but don't know how
  • You want to find your 'voice' so that who you are jumps off the page and makes your writing unique

What You Get With The Pre-Launch

When you sign up for the Laptop Writer Pre-Launch, you get a 50% Discount ($97 instead of $197) and the chance to tell me what you want the course to cover. 

This is a Pre-Launch, so the course itself is not yet live.

As soon as your payment goes through you'll be directed to an online survey where you can tell me the issues you struggle with most in your content writing.

I'll add those topics to the course curriculum.

Then, 4 weeks from today (on 12 September), you'll get an email from me with a link to the live course.

In the meantime, I'll be sending you a series of productivity tips for blog writers. These tips will only be going out to people who sign up for the Pre-Launch.

Pre-Launch closes on Monday 26 August

The Pre-Launch closes on Monday 26 August, two weeks from today.

Ready to order? Here's the link:

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